Mom Says Daughter Bitten At Daycare 25 times

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Mom Says Daughter Bitten At Daycare 25 times!

When Alice Martin picked her daughter up from a daycare in Tucson, Arizona and she immediately noticed the 15-month-old was acting fussier than usual. When she went to give her a bath she realized why. There were bite marks all over her child’s back, arms and shoulders.

“I was taking off her onesie after dinner to give her a bath, they were just there. It was horrible,” Martin said.

Mom Says Daughter Bitten At Daycare 25 times
Alice Bryant/Facebook

Bitten At Daycare 25 times

“Just seeing that on my daughter is not okay,” Martin said.

Now the Arizona mom is speaking out, accusing her child’s daycare of negligence and demanding answers for the abuse.

She also stated in her Facebook post, “They did not even call when it occurred, or notify me when I picked her up after work. All of these bites happened in one day”

Bite Marks at Daycare


The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) says the case is still being reviewed. In a statement to Fox News, they said, “The ADHS is investigating the incident at Creative Beginnings Daycare and working with law enforcement. The investigation is not completed and ADHS cannot comment on pending investigations.”

You can view the whole story from KVOA News 4 Tucson here…


We are so sorry that this happened to you and your sweet daughter Alice and thank you for making us all aware.

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19 comments on “Mom Says Daughter Bitten At Daycare 25 times”

    1. That’s what I’m wondering too! Of course the state is going to cover up for their employees and jump to their defense. I would be suing the daycare as well as the workers assigned to watch her. There is no excuse for them not telling the mother what happened. Had this been a privately run facility, the state would’ve been all over them and they would be shut down now. Ridiculous!! That’s insane.

  1. Dorrie Kitchen

    This story is absolutely disgustung. The daycare SHOULD be closed and the paents of the child thatb bite this little girl should be notified and told to call the mother

  2. Nonsense! The employees can speak and the evidence spoke volumes. This school needs to be closed pending an investigation. As a former teacher and summer volunteer at a kids camp, anyone supervising kids would hear the screams of a child receiving multiple bites! It is the duty of law enforcement and child protective services to investigate this egregious abuse and hold those negligent accountable. My heart goes out to this child and her family.

  3. That baby hasd to be screaming her head off after the 1st bite. There’s no way the teacher didn’t know. Even if she was changing a diaper she would have looked over when she started screaming. It’s not neglect. It’s abuse when you let it happen. I hope that yall get justice for this. It’s absolutely not ok.

  4. I am a lead infant teacher, and biting happens. However when it does you call both families to inform them of the situation. You send home an incident report and a accident report. You then one on one the bitter so that it doesn’t happen again. Unacceptable. I am not sure why licensing hasn’t been at the center to see if the classroom was not in ratio, if they need better training on room awareness. Do they have a curriculum? If they are a corporate type center we would have a serious conversation with legal and the head of the company. I have never in my 30 years of experience seen such horrendous lack of care for a child and disregard for policy.

  5. Margaret Strickland

    This not okay and if had been my child, grand child or great grand child there would have been someone in jail and it sure would not have been me. God help this parent get this settled once and for all. They shouldn’t be dragging their feet, 25 bite marks and no one said anything, not acceptable.

  6. deborah davis

    wow, This is horrible, I would sue everyone involved and I would rent a billboard or more than 1 and put yr childs picture on it and then advertise for that daycare, and if health care services saw that while the child was in your care, you would have been locked up right away, and she would have been taken away. and they are still open for business right?


    2. Debbie McDonald

      I like the idea of renting a billboard also. A baby did not do 25 bites while the teacher is changing a diaper. Besides you know that baby was screaming from those bite marks. Child abuse not neglect. Close them down. Does not look like a child’s bite marks.

  7. As a Teacher myself this is horrific. I Don’t get why the so called worker teacher didnt find out? And let alone call the Parents. It’s a Protocol to call ASAP. Looks more Physical Abuse. Fire all the teachers. Sue Daycare.

  8. Secert Friend

    The teachers in charge in watching the kids Should Be FIRED Never, AGAIN to babysit or Be able to Teach a kid of Any age. The parents of that Sweet lil kid should Sue the Day Care where it’s took place

    1. I am so sickened that this could happen to a precious little baby! If that was my child, heads would roll at that daycare and I would shut them down!! NO EXCUSE whatsoever for this to happen!! I am so sorry and I hope you get answers.❤❤