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Back to School Popsicle Stick Pencil Craft for Teachers

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I am always amazed by my 10 year old’s creativity, but he really impressed me the other day. He got to meet his new teacher this past Thursday & was excited saying she seemed like a lot of fun. Asked me if we could make her something fun (with food of course). I said sure, but we would have to wait until Sunday. He got impatient & created this pencil holder (totally by himself) by cutting/coloring Popsicle sticks (you can get them at any craft store including Michaels, etc..) & then gluing them to a jar. He even thought of a chalkboard made from sticks using chalkboard paint. I was shocked that he thought of this & it turned out SO cute!! I am such a proud mom.

Back to School Popsicle Stick Pencil Craft for Teachers

He cut the tips of Popsicle sticks using scissors & then colored both sides with markers…

He cut off the ends from 2 large blue sticks for the chalk board & glued them together. Then he used chalkboard paint for the inside. Made 2 holes at the top corners & added twine to hand on one of the pencil sticks.

Here he is with his Pencil Holder. His teacher loved it. He forgot to tell her that he created this himself. It looks so good that I bet she thought that he bought it or that I created it. I hope he ends up telling her that it’s created by him…that just makes it so much more special!

The kids can also have fun creating a Popsicle stick pencil for a fun craft…

Rules for Being a Kid!

Make sure to check out the Rules for Being a Kid Guidebook from Popsicle. There are so many awesome activities for your kids to look at.

I asked my boys what some of their rules of being a kid are & this is what they said…

3 year old
* Never walk….always run!
* Never wear clothes unless you have to
* A Popsicle a day keeps the doctor away

8 year old
*Milk always needs chocolate
*Play with your food
*Eat your chips ON your sandwich
*Dessert first

10 year old
*Never wear socks with sandals
*Be creative
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  1. Jill, You are creating quite an artsy/craftsy/foodie empire at your house! I love this craft, and your son MUST tell his teacher that he made it and designed it! I also love your boys' rules…cute!

  2. Oh my gosh Jill, that is so cute! And I LOVE that he thought of this himself, how awesome!!

  3. Stopping by Creative Spark link party. Super cute idea, I have a ton of these stick too. Love the response from the 3 year old about not wearing clothes! Totally agree 🙂 Precious!