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This Crochet Egg Apron Helps You Carry Tons Of Eggs – A Must Have for Chicken Owners

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This Crochet Egg Apron is such a neat idea for Chicken owners! If you love Easter Egg Hunts, this might be the perfect way to gather up a ton of eggs as well. This crochet pattern comes in adult and kids versions. The adult apron holds up to 19 chicken eggs and the kids version holds up to 8 eggs.

Crochet Chicken Egg Holder

Crochet Egg Apron

This awesome egg apron pattern is made by Heart Hook Home, a shop that features tons of super cute patterns including, hand warmers, blankets, sweaters, cardigans, slippers and more!

Crochet Egg Holder

Such a convenient way to transfer your chicken eggs from the coop to your home!

Crochet Apron that holds Chicken Eggs

We absolutely love this kids version as well. Makes their chores much easier!

Chicken Egg Crochet Apron

Also a fun idea for an Easter Egg Hunt!

Crochet Apron that holds Chicken Eggs

Find the Crochet Egg Apron Pattern HERE!

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I am in the process of maki g this and I just want to say wow. I love the look and feel of the suggested yarn. Also your pattern is super easy to follow. Thank you. I will update with pics upon completion


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