Fairy Lantern Mason Jars

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These Fairy Lantern Jars are a fun DIY craft idea for the kids to make. Super easy tutorials and these make wonderful night lights using mason jars.

How To Make Glowing Fairy Lanterns

Fairy Lantern

These Glow Jars were made with Neon Glow-in-the Dark Paint (source).

Fairy Lantern Mason Jars

We love these Silhouette Fairy Mason Jar Lights from Pixie Hill. Perfectly dreamy as a little nightlight, or magical accent.

Silhouette Fairy Mason Jar Lights

She also made this video tutorial on her Youtube channel on how to make them…

You can make these Glowing Fairy Jars using Glow Sticks from MomDot…

Glowing Fairy Jars using Glow Sticks

Unicorn Fairy Light Bottles from This Unique Home…

Glass Bottle Unicorn Fairy Lights

Here is another version of the Glowing Mason Jar Lanterns from From Panka with Love…

Glowing Mason Jar Night Lights

Love these Personalized Fairy Lanterns from Livis Crafty Boutique…

Personalized Fairy Lanterns using Mason Jars

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7 comments on “Fairy Lantern Mason Jars”

  1. This is great for my seniors residents for our DIY, can you tell me , where should i get the fairys ?

  2. Daneta Driver

    The lanterns of the fairies and mermaids are what I would use for my grandchildren and even in my home in the bathroom when I have my grandkids over they can have them on my younger granddaughter just turned three her papa found a what’s that called The very jar and you kind of lad on the bottom and little fairies are lit up from the dark the jars plastic like Rubbermaid but yet when you turn it on it you know like you’re looking at my eye lightning bugs me it went out and take care of this fairy we call her Lily bug if that’s just a nickname I came up with but her name is Lily spelt Lilly . I would love to know how things were made so I could try to make one for her to put in her bathroom or outside table in her bedroom next to her Papa’s pictures that was made for me. My granddaughter saying it and the first time she saw it she took it and said please I want a papa I want my papa how can I rent that such innocent eyes but by the way I love the little girl with all my heart and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her for the rest of my grandchildren and they all know that but they all seem to put pop off first and I she took that picture to can I please have it take it home I’ll put it on my bedside table for Papa so I won’t miss him so much. That little girl I would have broke her heart and I I can’t figure in that snow so she’s got her Papa’s picture I thought this might make an out of addition so she’s more susceptible to sleeping in her room then with her mommy because she now has a new baby brother and little boy swings with Mom and most of the time