Crochet Your Own Baby Doll

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Many have taken up new hobbies and discovered talents during this quarantine. One of the most popular hobbies right now is crocheting, which is such a fun activity that is also very relaxing. So, why not crochet your own baby doll today?

Crochet Baby

Crochet Baby Doll

These baby dolls are super cute and would be such a fun project to do while you are staying at home. What is so special about them is that they are completely unique! If you make this for your child or grandchild, they will treasure this forever since it is handmade by you and is so unique.

Not only are these baby dolls soft and cuddly, they even look like a real baby, which is so cool and will help your little one feel like they do in fact have a real baby.

This will be a toy that your child plays with for a long time, instead of the plastic baby dolls from the store. These baby dolls are more cuddly and last a lot longer.

Crochet Baby
via Cleoscrochetart / Raverly

Crochet Pattern

There are two main patterns for these baby dolls, both from the same person! First, you can order one for a baby boy doll. This pattern is named Baby Louis. Or, if you prefer a girl baby doll, you can order her pattern called Baby Emily.

These two patterns have some cool features that really make this crochet baby doll really stand out. First off, the eyes are made so that they can actually be open or shut. Then, the mouth is made open so that you can put a baby pacifier in its mouth.

It also can fit real baby clothes, size newborn. When finished, it will be around 49cm. With these features, your child will have a real baby to play with!

Crochet Baby
via Cleoschrochetart / Raverly

Where to Order

You can find Baby Emily and Baby Louis patterns off of Ravelry! They are both the same price, around $6. What a fun and unique project to take on during these next few months all the while staying at home.

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29 comments on “Crochet Your Own Baby Doll”

  1. Teri Rynders

    I have made 6 of these. My granddaughters love them. I had some issues with the heels but I worked them out. I put newborn clothes on them, they were a bit big but they work.

  2. Beatrice Yvette Chappell

    Hello I am trying to crochet this baby and I am having problems understanding how to crochet the arms from the elbow up is there maybe a video to help with this? And by the way I love this baby

  3. Excellent sculpting! However, you could have made a cuter face, nose too big, eyes ,and mouth could be improved..  you have great talent and i’m sure you can improve the face.

  4. Marcella Kay Gorden

    While I think these look fun and challenging to make, I prefer to make cloth dolls and do the stitching by hand.

  5. Would love to try to crochet this doll but I have a very hard time trying to follow a pattern. I have purchased patterns and couldn’t follow them.

    1. When teaching to crochet I have people use a sticky note to mark where they are on the pattern and move it as you go.. Also stitch markers help you keep track of where the rows start and stop. You just put them in the stitch you need to mark and they easily remove when you’re ready to mark the next row.

  6. Cugnet Joanne

    I agree with the RN. This could help valid a child who has experienced burns. The RN said the stitches mirror those of the bandages they use.

  7. Malcolm Terry

    I love the idea and product. Not saying I could do better but would love the patterns to try. Maybe a different wool/cotton? Not sure unless I see the method/pattern. Very clever to have gotten this far. Maybe me but I am distracted by the joins and seems. Also I would crotchet their cloths for the blend of textures. Not sure but would love to try.

  8. I’m sorry, but it’s super creepy. I thought this was a joke post when I first saw it. You can’t honestly think this is cute or appropriate for a child? I’m not trying to be mean. A crochet animal would be amazing.

  9. Jennifer Bunn

    Oh I swear… it’s all a matter of perspective. These would make EXCELLENT dolls for people with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive impairments. They’re soft, they’re cuddly and someone in that condition would not see “burn victim” or “creepy” or “ugly”. They’d simply see a baby that needs holding and talking to and loving. I’ve seen women light up for hours when holding even the simplest doll, with no features at all. They don’t see with our eyes, they see with their hearts and I’ve seen more than one call a doll by their children’s names and even the most agitated of residents calm right down when given something like this to love. Makes me wish I’d paid more attention all those years ago when my mom tried to teach me to crochet.

  10. This may sound strange…But I’m an RN and many years ago I worked in the Burn unit.. These would be good for small children who have facial burns..These remind me of the bandages we used..Imagine those children having baby dolls who are similar to themselves…I’d think that would be awesome.. They could relate to a baby looking like them and not perfect without scars like most dollies ..

  11. Carolyn Miner

    Hi, I admire your craftsmanship; however the face distracts from your quality work. Please consider doing a blank face. Honestly, this is scary and would scare my little girls. You have a nice business going here; I think making and advertising this doll is detrimental to your cause. Thank you for being open to comments. I can only imagine the wide range of comments you get!!

    1. I Think dolls without a face is creepy. I do like the ones she made and looks hard to do.

  12. Glee N Workman

    It’s just a crochet doll, either you like it or you don’t. I don’t think bad remarks are necessary just move on, we don’t care what you think. It’s here crochet work,

    1. Why are you offended by proxy?

      Just because there are people who find the dolls to be creepy doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the work and talent that went into making them. If she didn’t want other people’s opinions on her work she wouldn’t have published it in places that are left open for comment. I came across her dolls in a crochet group I’m in on Facebook. I too find them creepy, but in the best of ways. While some would see these as perfect dolls for children who have suffered burns (because they do look like they’re covered in the same bandages used for burn victims), but I also see them being perfect for Halloween. I also have a friend that makes custom dolls that are deliberately creepy and I know she would LOVE one of these if I made one for her. 

      Stop being offended for others, she’s obviously used to the types of critiques she gets for the dolls and she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Not everything translates perfectly into crochet, some people will not like these dolls because they’re a tad on the creepy side, while others will love them for that very reason. 

    2. Agree 100%. Wouldn’t a crochet group make a difference by donating all skin tones, and donate to a children’s ward, cancer ward, etc? Daycares? why not? children are accepting of all creeds, colors, sizes, etc. It’s as we age, that we seem to learn to “hate” those who look “different.” Do you not think it would be a pretty boring world, if we had all been created by our Heavenly Father to all be, look, and think the same? I think not. Good crafty project, in my humble opinion.

    3. First reaction was similar to those above; but within a few seconds, I realized what a safe, soft, really real looking baby doll. MUCH better than the Plastic or vinyl ones like the American Girls. Those dolls are for the older child to enjoy and read the books, etc. There is a place for this pattern & project; my daughters crochet blankets non-stop in their spare time to donate to a charity called “Project Linus,” (a la Charlie Brown’s friend who always has his security blanket). THese could be donated as well, in hospitals, daycares, etc. What a Fabulous inspiration, young lady. 🙂

  13. Elsabé Rossouw

    Your other ideas are great, but this ‘baby doll’ looks like a brun victim!! It’s enough to give anyone nightmares!