Cute Rolling Volkswagen Bus Cooler

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Volkswagens are one of the top favorite cars for many, many people. They are unique and seem to always be “in fashion.” Many companies will make certain products with a Volkswagen theme. One of which, you can now get a cute rolling Volkswagen bus cooler!

Volkswagen Bus Cooler

Volkswagen Bus Cooler

Everyone loves seeing a Volkswagen bus when they are driving down the freeway. So many people dream to have their own and go on so many fun vacations on the bus.

That is why this cooler is one of the coolest things ever! It looks exactly like a Volkswagen bus and people are going crazy over it.

It is an official Volkswagen merchandise and is a to-scale replica of the real bus!

Volkswagen Bus Cooler


Here are some of its features:

  • a retractable handle for easy transportation
  • fold underneath the base of the van
  • extend handle to turn left or right to steer
  • rubber tires
  • can go ‘off-road’
  • ideal for camping or beach trips
  • heavy-duty lid-lock
  • hinged roof
  • large insulated storage compartment
  • internal drainage plug
  • easy to clean
  • anti-rust pressed steel construction
  • 30-liter capacity
Volkswagen Bus Cooler

Not only does it look like an awesome cooler, but it is also a really good working cooler as well! It is perfect for a day spent on the beach, or a weekend camping trip!

This Volkswagen bus cooler is highly durable and able to withstand a lot! You can take it off-road and not damage it at all. It will last for future camping trips for years to come!

One of my favorite parts is that you don’t have to carry the cooler at all! It has a wagon-like handle that will move in all directions so steering it behind you is a breeze!

This cooler is one of the best, and not just for its super cute looks.

Volkswagen Bus Cooler

You can find this awesome Bus Cooler on Amazon!

Volkswagen bus cooler

Where will you go with your Volkswagen bus cooler?

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