For the Dads – The Reason You Should Take More Pictures of Mom and Her Kids

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To all Dads,

I know you have your phone somewhere close by, if not in your hand. So, Dad, grab it and take some pictures. I don’t want to see more screenshots of funny things you found online, I want to see what is going on in life.

For The Dads - The Reason You Should Take More Pictures of Mom and Her Kids

While I may not be entirely happy to have my picture taken when my hair is messy and I haven’t slept in days, I will in the future. I will be grateful to you for capturing those precious moments in time.

Take more pictures of your wife, the mother of your children, the love of your life. The person who does so much for you and the family every single day without fail.

Take more pictures of that woman in your life that holds everything together.

When going through my phone I noticed all the pictures I have of you with our children, but not very much of myself with them. I saw you holding them close, sleeping in each other’s arms, and playing throughout the day. However, I was missing from all those moments regardless of being present the entire time.

Part of it is my fault. I never feel like I look good enough for a picture, or would rather take them of you with the kids. I always feel like it has to be Instagram worthy or else I simply cannot be in the picture However, looking back I realize that it is a mistake.

We need pictures of our family, including me. I am grateful for the pictures I have with you and our kids, but I need to be in there too.

So, next time I read our kids a bedtime story, take a quick picture. When you see me dancing around the house with our baby, snap a picture. No warning or posing required, just a simple candid picture.

If I help our kids with their homework or teaching them how to cook, I want to look back and see those pictures.

Time goes by too fast. Our kids grow up every single day and change in a blink of an eye. We need those priceless pictures.

One day I won’t be around anymore. All our children will have will be their memories, and those precious pictures taken in those moments. It is the least we can do for them to remember us by.

Take the picture.

In those moments just take the pictures without fail. Then our children can see how much I loved them and cared for them despite a messy house in the background.

Our children need to see how I looked and how crazy I got sometimes.

One day, they will look back and remember those moments and treasure them forever. All because you, Dad, decided to take more pictures of mom.

Those precious moments cannot be captured in a selfie.

So, if you are ever thinking about it, the answer will always be yes, take the picture. Everyone will be grateful that you did, in the end.

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