Floating Inflatable Rope Swing

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Are you someone who loves outdoor activities, especially by the lake? This summer, you can have the best time with your family on this insane 13 and-1/2′ Inflatable Rope Swing! Experience thrilling and nerve-wracking swinging up into the sky and down into the water. I love water especially during the summer because when the days are hot, you always need to cool down. Hanging by the water allows adults and kids to enjoy the day while staying refreshed.

inflatable rope swing
via Rave Sports

This amazing Inflatable Rope Swing lets you launch it into the lake, pond, or swimming pool! You get an insane water activity which is great for team building, parties, recreational play, and more. This is also a much safer and more secure option than the normal tree or dock swing. The reason why it is safer is that you can let go of the swing at any point without fear of hitting something.

inflatable rope swing
via Rave Sports

What Features Does This Inflatable Rope Swing Have?

One of the coolest things about this swing is that it is its own platform and swing in one. You can have a stable area to swing from into the water. It is also very durable because of the 28-ounce marine grade and reinforced PVC. Basically, this means it will last a very long time. It also is treated to block UV rays and is mold and mildew resistant. Another cool feature is the 6 heavy-duty foam-filled handles that can help you and your family navigate the swing with ease and assist you when climbing.

You can have this shipped right to your doorstep as well because the anchoring depth only needs to be 10 feet deep, so you can enjoy this rope swing in a swimming pool!

inflatable rope swing
via Rave Sports

One of my favorite things to attach to this rope swing is an inflatable trampoline. You can opt out of the inflatable ramp to attach to the swing and hook up the trampoline.

inflatable rope swing
via Rave Sports

How Long Does It Take To Set Up?

It is so simple to use and set up! You only need to assemble this super cool swing for about 45 minutes using an electric pump.

Where Can You Get This Inflatable Rope Swing?

So, instead of wasting your money at water theme parks every summer plus food, gas, traveling, etc, you can get this awesome rope swing from Rave Sports!

 Inflatable Rope Swing

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