60+ Awesome DIY Wood Pallet Ideas

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We did an intensive search to find you the very Best DIY Wood and Pallet Ideas! You are going to love these easy to make creative projects. Everything from Pallet Beds, Pallet Playhouses, Pallet home decor, Wall Hangings, Outdoor ideas, Storage, and so much more….we got you covered!

The BEST DIY Wood Pallet Ideas!

Pallet Wood Projects

We love a good DIY project – not only is it nice to learn new skills, but you also have a creative piece that you made yourself! Using pallets is a fantastic way to recycle.

Of all the budget garden ideas, yard and home projects out there, using pallets is one of the biggest trends. Plus, they’re easy to find and you’re sure to find a project which fits any skill level.

Pallet Tips

Here are some tips before you dive into these wood pallet projects:

You can get free pallets from:

  • Facebook’s Marketplace. Make sure to check Facebook Marketplace (or Craigslist) daily. Lot of the time people just put them on the curb for free for you to pick up.
  • Local Businesses and Stores.  You will see them sitting out back of stores, but always ask the manager before you take them. The best stores are Home Depot, Lowes, Garden centers, etc…
  • New Businesses. If you hear of a new business is opening in your area, contact them about any extra pallets they might have.

If you can’t find any free wood pallets, you can buy them for a cheap cost (usually about 10 bucks).

Over 60 of the BEST Wood Pallet Ideas:

We also included a few creative wood (non-pallet) projects that can be made on the cheap end.

DIY Wood Pallet Shelving…

DIY Wood Pallet Shelving

DIY Wood Pallet Baby & Pet Gate from I Think We Could Be Friends

DIY Wood Pallet Baby & Pet Gate

Swimming Pool Pallet Ideas from Torben Jung

DIY 10 Pallet Swimming Pool

Love this Two Seater and Table set up via Pinterest…

Best Pallet Ideas

Pallet Play House from Saartje Prum

Wood Play House

Pallet Flower Garden via Pinterest…

Pallet Flower Garden

DIY Wood Pallet Planter Boxes from Instructables

DIY Wood Pallet Planter Pots

Pallet Wall Floating Shelves from Ellery Designs

DIY Pallet Floating Shelves...these are the BEST DIY Pallet & Wood Ideas!

Wood Pallet Bar via Pinterest…

DIY Wood Pallet Bar

How To Build a Pallet Wall from Project Nursery

This pallet wall makes a great accent, adding a bit of texture and character to a room. The best part – it’s cheap! When searching for pallets for this project, keep in mind that the more distressed and wrecked the pallets are, the better!

How to make a Wood Pallet Wall!

Wood Pallet TV Wall Mount from Mary Stapleton…

DIY Wood Pallet Decorative TV Wall Mount

Outdoor Pallet Mud Kitchen for Kids via Pinterest….

DIY Outdoor Pallet Mud Kitchen...these are the BEST Pallet Ideas!

Easy DIY Pallet Coat Rack from Re-Fabbed

Easy DIY Pallet Coat Rack...awesome Pallet Ideas!

Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece from Happy at Home

DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Farmhouse Centerpiece

Wood Pallet Bed with Lights via Pinterest

DIY Wood Pallet Bed with Lights!

DIY Pallet Coffee Mug Holder from One Little Bird Blog

This is a great space-saving idea and also a fun way to display your favorite coffee mugs. Such a simple DIY pallet project as well that you can finish in a few hours. You’ll need a circular saw and sandpaper to prepare the wood. You can use a stencil and a sponge brush for painting. Add hooks for hanging your favorite mugs.

DIY Pallet Wood Coffee Mug Holder

Old Wood Ladder & Chicken Wire Frame via Pinterest…

Old Wood Ladder & Chicken Wire Frame

Pallet Swing Bed via Pinterest…

DIY Outdoor Pallet Wood Bed Swing

DIY Wood Bed in the Box from Hygge Houze..

DIY Wood Bed in a Box

Gardening Tool Organizer from Our Little Acre

DIY Pallet Gardening Tool Organizer

Wood Pallet Bed with Lanterns from KnotsandBiscuits..

Wood Pallet Bed with Lanterns

Pallet Bed with Storage from Loreto Morell Parera

Pallet Bed with Storage

White Pallet Patio Set via Pinterest…

White Pallet Patio Set

DIY Pallet House from i-Beam Design

DIY Pallet House

Whisper I Love You Butterfly Pallet Wall Hanging via Pinterest…

Whisper I Love You to a Butterfly and It Will Fly to Heaven to Deliver Your Message Sign

Build a Shelving Until with a Wall of Crates via Pinterest…

Shelving Unit with a Wall of Old Crates

Turn a Old Door into a Hallway Mantel from Hometalk

Turn a Old Door into a Hallway Mantel

DIY Pallet Wine and Glass Holder via Pinterest…

DIY Pallet Wine & Glass Holder

Stained Pallet Shelf via Pinterest…

DIY Stained Pallet Shelf

DIY Pallet Plant Shelf from Southern House Restoration…

DIY Pallet Plant Shelf

Pallet Screen Door via Pinterest…

Pallet Screen Door

Pallet Accent Wall from Shades of Blue Interiors

DIY Pallet Accent Wall

DIY Pallet Desk via Pinterest…

DIY Wood Pallet Desk

DIY Minnie Mouse Adirondack Chair from Ana White

DIY Minnie Mouse Adirondack Chair

Porch Swing Fire Pit from Instructables

DIY Porch Swing Fire Pit....these are awesome DIY Pallet & Wood Ideas!

DIY Moon Pallet Wood Baby Crib from Meubleen Palette

DIY Pallet Moon Baby Crib

Wood Pallet Entry Way Bench from The Owner Builder Network

DIY Wood Pallet Entryway Bench

Backyard Pallet Bar via Pinterest…

Backyard Pallet Bar

Kitchen Spice Rack Pallet ideas via Pinterest…

DIY Wood Pallet Spice Rack....for your Kitchen!

Pallet Dog Bed via Pinterest…

DIY Wood Pallet Dog Bed

Pallet Mud Outdoor Kitchen for Kids from Fazeley Preschool

DIY Pallet Mud Outdoor Kitchen for the Kids!

DIY Sand Box from Ana White

DIY Wood Bench Sand Box for Kids

Believe there is Good in the World Pallet Sign from Blooming Homestead

Believe there is Good in the Wood DIY Pallet Sign

Use some reclaimed/pallet wood and corrugated tin for a Outdoor Grill via Pinterest…

Use some reclaimed/pallet wood and corrugated tin! These are the BEST DIY Pallet Ideas

How To Make Pallet Flooring from A Building We Shall Go

DIY Pallet Flooring

DIY Pallet Entertainment Center via Pinterest…

DIY Entertainment Center

DIY Bookshelf Chair from Instructables

DIY Bookshelf Chair

Hang Jeans in the Closet using a Pallet via Pinterest…

Hang Jeans in the Closet using a Pallet...such a great idea!

DIY Pallet Herb Garden from Indigo Autumn…

DIY Pallet Herb Garden

Pallet Garage Storage from Fix Lovely

DIY Pallet Garage Storage...these are awesome DIY Pallet & Wood Ideas!

DIY Pallet Porch Swing from Twelve Oaks Manor

DIY Pallet Porch Swing

How To Build an Outdoor Shed out of Pallets from Oklahoma History…

How to build a Outdoor Shed out of Pallets...awesome DIY Pallet Ideas!

DIY Wood Crate Coffee Table from Instructables

DIY Wood Crate Coffee Table

Closet Shelving Pallet ideas via Pinterest…

DIY Pallet Closet Shelving

DIY Pallet Pool Noodles & Towel Holder via Pinterest….

Pallet Pool Noodle & Towel Holder...these are awesome DIY Pallet & Wood Ideas!

DIY Tow Mater Adirondack Chair from The Owner Builder Network

DIY Tow Mater Adirondack Chair

Use Wood Crates for a Shoe Rack via Pinterest…

Use Wood Crates for a Shoe Rack!

Pallet Dog Fence via Pinterest…

DIY Pallet Dog Fence

Outdoor Pallet Sofa via Pinterest….

DIY Outdoor Pallet Sofa...these are the BEST Pallet Ideas!

DIY Pallet Patio Lounge Chair from Freckles & Fluff

DIY Pallet Patio Lounge Chair

Pallet Swimming Pool from 101 Pallets

DIY Pallet Outdoor Swimming Pool

DIY Wood Wall from Home Depot

DIY Pallet Wall

Pallet Dog Bed from Ruggy DIY

DIY Pallet Dog Bed

DIY Pallet Patio Porch via Pinterest…

DIY Pallet Patio Porch - Best Pallet Ideas

Pallet Corner Patio Couch & table via Pinterest

DIY Pallet Corner Couch & Table...these are the BEST DIY Pallet & Wood Ideas!

DIY Pallet Shoe & Book Bag Rack via Pinterest…

DIY Pallet Shoe & Book Bag Rack

Family Painted Pallet Sign from Etsy...

Family Rules Pallet Wall Sign

Indoor Wood Playground from Ana White

DIY Indoor Wood Playground

Old Crate Shelves with Lights via Pinterest…

Turn Old Crates into a Shelf with Lights

Wood Twin Seater with Cooler via Pinterest…

DIY Wood Twin Seater with a Cooler

Outdoor Pallet Bar via Pinterest…

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar

Triple Bunk Beds from The Handmade Dress …

DIY Wood Triple Bunk Beds

Pallet Garden Table via Pinterest…

Pallet Garden Table

DIY Pallet Dog Bed from Instructables

DIY Pallet Dog Bed

Outdoor Pallet Bar via Pinterest…

Outdoor Pallet Bar

Turn Pallets into a Laundry Basket Holder via Pinterest…

Turn Pallets into a Laundry Basket Holder

We hope you love these Pallet ideas as much as we do!

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  1. I love all the ideas saw someone asked for a catalogue is the one if so I would like one too I am so excited to get started.

  2. That was really an interesting set of ideas for pallets. My husband and I bookmarked a few to look at making. Thanks!

  3. Great post, as i wasn’t getting enough time to think change the looks of my interior. But this quarantine help to think about getting some really good ideas for my house and this blog helped my a lot.

  4. We are in the process of trying to fix up our house. I needed some DIY ideas to use and have looked everywhere for unique ideas like this. After hours of searching, I’ve finally found your post. Thank you so much for posting these. It is very helpful! 

  5. xiansheng chen

    The remodeled room is amazing! The decoration of the room was beautiful, especially the bunch of flowers.

  6. Nice DIY recycled pallets projects. I have other project idea. I will use it as frame to my indoor koi pond and bin culture for my black soldier fly

  7. Lillian Schaeffer

    Thanks for sharing these! I love these pallet ideas, and I especially love the planter boxes. I’ve been wanting to add some elements to my landscape, and having some big plants on my porch is something I’ve been looking into. I love the dark color and grain of the wood, so I’ll definitely look into making some planter boxes using pallets.

  8. Suzanne Deuster

    The crates with the lighting are just beautiful! It has 12 crates total stacked up. What size crates are those and what kind of lighting was used?

  9. Ariana Goldberg

    Love some of these ideas. I love finding new ways I can use those free pallets!! Thanks for sharing a great post with us all. xoxo Ari xoxo

  10. Mickey Kogutz

    I am looking for the tree vector image that is on your pallet coffee table. I have a silhouette and she wants this for her new apt in North Carolina. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Absolutely Love The Shoe Rack w/ Book Bag Holder.. I’ve started to make it I hope it turns out as nice as your.. I didn’t see plans so I’m trying to do it by the picture.. Wish me luck!!

  12. I LOVE SO MANY of your projects!! We might start out with the fire pit then who knows what’s next, too many awesome things to pick from!!☺

  13. How do I the trash bin cabinet. I tired to find blueprints but was unable to find them. I love your ideas but I want to make them my reality as well. Tips tricks of any kind would be great

  14. Raelene Brinkman

    These are very good and interesting. Where can I get instructions on how to make them.Raelene

  15. Debbie Ferger

    These ideas are amazing. The best part is they look fairly easy to do but make a big impact in a room! Thanks!!

  16. frankie Angelo

    The sign re the butterfly I love; My girlfrie4nd just lost her daughter and I want to show her this – Her daughtger loved butterfies so it is so fitting.

    1. william smith

      It takes about 8 full-sized pallets, depending on how tall you want to make it and how long you want it to be.

  17. Peggy A Fennell

    I love the Beds and the bar for outside. Where can I get instructions on how to make them.

  18. Toni Frothingham

    Where can we find/ buy the pallet bunk beds ? I clicked on the links and unfortunately are in another language.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. What about some old Shutters doors from a closet any ideas before I throw out. yhanks

    2. We made bookcases for our granddaughter, out of ours. I’ll post them on my blog, my email is down for some reason. 🙁

    3. Deborah Hogen

      Use them as room dividers or privacy screens for guests. I got two way hinges and then painted them up and they fold flat and store in a skinny place in the house or under a bed. Pull them out when you pull the hide abed couch out into a bed and set them up to create some private space. I have also used them to hide my craft mess when I don’t have time to clean up the studio. Don’t toss them, give them to Re-Store!