Halloween Stained Glass Art

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With Halloween right around the corner, it is time to start planning for your child’s costume and getting lots of candy. However, what is Halloween without some beautiful decorations? You should get some of these Halloween stained glass art!

Stained Glass Bat
photo via The Sweet Karma Bar

Halloween Stained Glass Art

This seller on Etsy, TheSweetKarmaBar makes these glass bats that are absolutely stunning. It is handmade from authentic stained glass. There is absolutely no film on the glass, the iridization was fused into the glass, so it is truly authentic and gorgeous. Iridization is a process of making the ripples and bubbles seen in some stained glass art.

The seller names the bats and her descriptions of them are just beautiful. One description states, “Her name is Amethyst, she is a glass bat that lives in her crystalized habitat. They live on the crystalized trees in the crystallized caves in the crystalline mountains on my side of The Looking Glass!!”

Stained Glass Bat
photo via The Sweet Karma Bar

The wings on the bat are made from amethyst and quartz and hang on a branch that has a crystallized texture. The finished product is around 10 by 8 inches.

All you need are some small screws to be able to hang up your new bat and branch on any corner of your house! It is super easy to have all setup and ready to go for Halloween.


So many people have loved these bats from this seller, so we had to share a couple of reviews!

One reviewer, carolgallagher1959, shared, “She’s absolutely beautiful and well made!”

Another reviewer named Jax said, “Gorgeous piece, the artist is so talented and very kind! Thanks so much! Will definitely purchase from again.”

Along with these stunning bats, the seller also makes gorgeous spiderwebs as well! So, be sure to grab a couple and your house will have the best decorations for Halloween on the block!

Where to Order


You can get these beautiful bats from the seller TheSweetKarmaBar on Etsy HERE!

These are beautiful Halloween stained glass art, a perfect decoration for Halloween, or for someone who loves bats in general. Get yours today to get them in time for showing off on Halloween!

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