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Hide-a-Poo Fake Rock – Lets You Hide Your Dogs Poop Instead Of Picking It Up

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Tired of cleaning up your dogs waste in the yard? Well, now there is a Hide-a-Poo just for you! The maker of the fake rock dog poop hider states: “Your dog’s business is my business.” The hilarious invention comes in an 8-pack, therefore, your dog can poop up to 8 times without you haven’t to scoop it up. Just cover it!


You can now take a death breath because Hide-a-Poo fake rock poop hider is a prank box. Sorry if this is disappointing any of you, but we’re actually quite thrilled that something so ridiculous like this does not exist. However, this makes a hilarious prank for gift giving! Could you imaging opening a gift like this? Find it on Amazon HERE!

Cover any stool size! HA

The box is the perfect size to fit gifts…

Find All Sorts Of Hilarious Prank Pak Gift Boxes HERE!

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