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Home Depot Is Selling A Giant Inflatable Ursula For Halloween

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Ursula has always been one of my favorite villains and it’s no surprise why. She has always been a fan favorite. 

If you love Ursula you will love this: you can get a Giant Inflatable Ursula just in time for Halloween! 

Home Depot

This giant Ursula is 6 feet tall and looks incredible. It is perfect for any Disney lover who wants to decorate their home with a Disney theme for Halloween this year. 

The tentacles are animated and will light up when people walk by. Plus there is even a realistic flame effect as well. 

She comes with a pumpkin handbag on her arm to help set the Halloween theme. 

Home Depot

It is a self-inflated figurine that will be inflated in just a few seconds. It is so easy to set up!

It also comes with stakes and tethers to keep her place in case of wind and other hazards. She is weatherproof so keep her outside. All year long if you wish! 

You Can Get your own Ursula figurine from Home Depot.

Be sure to hurry before it sells out! 

Who loves Ursula and wants to grab one of these? 

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