How To Build A Pallet Shed

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Most people just toss out old wood pallets, but these creative folks turned their Pallets into Sheds! A Pallet Shed is a great way to repurpose and saves tree being cut down. They also look fairly simple to make and a fun DIY project to take on for extra storage in your back yard.

How To Build A Pallet Shed

Tony Utterback from Arab, Alabama built this Shed using Pallets. Source.

This Shed is made from Pallets and Tin Cans from Scrapality

Pallet Shed

Here’s a Pallet Shed by Butch Bridges...

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2 comments on “How To Build A Pallet Shed”

  1. Wow what an incredible idea!

    I’ve been looking for projects to make with some reclaimed pallets we gathered recently, I don’t think my DIY skills are quite up to making a shed but it’s inspiring to see that other people have completed big projects like this. It’s definitely a good way to save trees!

  2. Tyler Johnson

    That’s a good point that making a pallet shed would be a good way to reuse materials. I like the idea of building a shed, but I don’t want to cut down more trees to make it happen. I’ll have to consider reusing some pallets to make a shed to keep all my equipment in.