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Magical Moon Garden that Blooms at Night

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Are you getting excited to start your own garden? Make sure to include lots of flowers! Here are some flowers that will magically bloom at night and are absolutely stunning!

Moon Garden
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Who knew there were flowers that bloom at night? Not only do moonflowers bloom at night, but they also smell divine! These are the perfect flowers for sitting on your porch at night during the summer.

According to some Pagans, these flowers also are supposed to have medicinal and magical properties. These would be the perfect flowers for a magical-looking garden!

These moonflowers are typically white or very light colors, so you can see them even after the sun goes down.

Moonflowers bloom mid-summer and will last all the way into fall. These flowers will look like white buds, until the sun goes down.

Then, they will open up and bloom into beautiful flowers at night or even on some cloudy days.

If you want a beautiful moon garden, it is best to plant your moonflowers during spring!

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Moon Garden

There are a few other great flowers that open up at night and are perfect additions to your moon garden!

Evening Primrose

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Evening primrose flowers typically open up at dusk and smell just as pleasant.

These will cover your ground and like to spread quickly, so they will work beautifully if you are just starting out your garden.

Night Phlox

image via Sumon Tienkarojanakul/Shutterstock

Night phlox are a bit different as they are actually very colorful! Some will be white, purple, or even maroon.

These flowers have a honey-like smell and bloom at night as well.

Angel Trumpet

image via Wilson and Son/Shutterstock

If you have enough space, the angel trumpets will be perfect for your moon garden.

These flowers are massive but extremely beautiful.

Mock Orange

image via Carol Blaker/Shutterstock

Mock oranges have a very citrus smell, hence the name. These are perfect for an outside garden as well. But, you can also clip them and enjoy a nice bouquet for inside.

Whatever flowers you decide for your moon garden, be sure to get planting soon to enjoy their beauty and fantastic smells!

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