30 Day Home Organizing Challenge

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After the holidays does your house feel overcrowded and messy? If so, you are not alone. Many people become stressed and overwhelmed by their piles upon piles of random stuff.

30-Day Declutter Challenge

Do you want to clean but don’t even know where to start? Again, you aren’t alone!

That is why we created this 30 day organize challenge! After completing it, you will feel happy and relieved in your own home once again.

There is no better time to start cleaning and organizing your house than right now. Once the kids go back to school, you will have time and space to go through every inch of your house to get it clean once again.

This challenge is not supposed to stress you out, but rather give you a place to start each and every day.

Invite your friends and family to join in on the challenge to help motivate and get you through the entire month. This will make the challenge much more enjoyable for you and them!

30-Day Organizing Challenge

30 Day Home Organizing Challenge

  1. Clean off your kitchen table
  2. Go through and donate all your old books
  3. Clean out your makeup cabinet
  4. Clean out two of your kitchen cabinets
  5. Get rid of all your old shoes
  6. Empty one junk drawer
  7. Clear off your kitchen counters
  8. Clean out and organize your TV stand
  9. Clean your fridge, inside and out
  10. Go through each of your bathroom cabinets
  11. Go through your wallet
  12. Clean out your purse
  13. Go through movies and donate old ones
  14. Get rid of all the extra accessories you don’t use anymore
  15. Go through another two more kitchen cabinets
  16. Clean your car, inside and out
  17. Organize and donate your old clothes
  18. Clean your shower
  19. Organize the toy room
  20. Donate all old toys that no one plays with
  21. Clean out your freezer
  22. Donate all old games you don’t play anymore
  23. Organize your linen closet
  24. Clean out two more kitchen cabinets
  25. Get rid of your mail pile
  26. Organize your cleaning supplies
  27. Clear out your medicine cabinet
  28. Empty another junk drawer
  29. Clean out the rest of your kitchen cabinets
  30. Clean your house

Make sure to print out this 30 day organize challenge calendar and hang up in your home as a daily reminder to clean and organize. In just 30 short days your house will be clean and organized!


Once you have finished this challenge, don’t let your house get messy again! Clean a small section daily and make it a habit. You do not have to spend hours on end cleaning, just a small area each day. Your house will stay organized, and your mind will be clear and at peace.


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4 comments on “30 Day Home Organizing Challenge”

  1. carolyn brunnett

    hello Happy Sunday
    I would love to print your organizing tables. Trying to purge after living in my house for 30 years. Very overwhelming. Would love any help and charts and organizing worked as a teacher for 38 yrs and always pushed things for a later date and now im retired. Please help And thank you very much

    1. Thank you for sharing, now I know where to start. I have tried doing one room at a time, but then I would get sidetracked, or someone would pop in for coffee or tea, then all that attention would go up in smoke. I will keep in touch and as soon as the Grandkids start back to school, well here I go.

    1. Thank you for such wonderful ideas. I want to be more sustainable and the vinegar hacks look great. I have recently started decluttering and your plans are just what I need.