100+ Things to Throw Away Today!

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Here is a list of 100 Things to Throw Away (or donate).  This is always a good time of year to get organized and declutter. I have a hard time keeping organized at times. However, I can not stand living in or working around clutter. It feels so good to get rid of things even if it is one time a year!

This printable Declutter Workbook has helped me so much!

This list is a great guide to help you and myself get rid of things that aren’t needed. I will be tackling this list myself and look forward to a less-cluttered house at the end of it.

100+ Things to Throw Away Today!

100+ Things to Throw Away Today

1.  Bills, taxes, paperwork over 7 years old

2.  Extra hangers

3.  Expired coupons

4.  Expired make up

5.   Unused Mugs

6.  Magazines

7.  Old product boxes

8.  Outdated spices

9.  Old underwear

10.  Extra folders, binders, labels, etc.

11.  Socks with holes or without mates

12.  Old dog toys

13.  Old books

14.  Ragged cleaning rags 

15.  Old toys that your kids have outgrown.

16.   Games with missing pieces

17.  Old towels

18.  Old take out menus 

19.  Outdated computer software

20. Outdated over the counter drugs and vitamins

21.  Old shoes 

22.  Expired food in your fridge/freezer

23.  Extra sets of bed linens (you only need 2 sets per bed)

24.  Old shopping bags

25.  Used coloring books

26.  Unused plastic containers (including those without a lid)

27.  Old nail polish

28.  Video games your kids do not play with or have outgrown.

29.  Paychecks older than 2 years

30.  Jewelry you don’t wear

31.  Pens and pencils (only keep one box)

32.  Old party supplies

33.  Unused perfumes and cologne

34.  Plates, cups, etc…that your kids have outgrown.

35.   Kids clothing they have outgrown. 

36.  Old cookbooks that you do not use

37.   Misc. old sewing supplies

38.  Old instruction manuals (find them online)

39.  Old puzzles 

40.  Old luggage 

41.  Old and broken Christmas ornaments

42.  Unused lawn and garden pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers

43.  Expired medication

44.  Dried up markers

45.  Old Candles 

46.  Multiple measuring cups and spoons

47.  Clothes that are too small, too big, or that you haven’t worn in a long time.

48.  Unused hair accessories 

49.  Broken tools

50.  Unloved stuffed animals

51.  Old keys

52.  Old travel sized shampoo and conditioner bottles 

53.  Old planners (and current ones if you don’t use them)

54.  Old random cords

55.  Unworn hats

56.  Random batteries

57.  Old receipts

58.  Old craft supplies 

59.  Old Christmas cards of your family (save a few)

60.  Holiday decor that you always forget to display

61.  Hair products you don’t use

62.  Serving dishes that you have never used.

63.  Old flower pots.

64.  Old magnets

65.  Junk mail

66.  Old textbooks

67.  Old calendars

68.  Duplicate kitchen utensils 

69.  Movies (that you will never watch again)

70.  Old hard candy

71.  Multiple pair of scissors 

72.  Old catalogs

73.  Expired canned food

74.  Old cell phones.

75.  Duplicate photos.

76.  Old school papers.

77.  Unused baking supplies (cupcake liners, etc..)

78.  Travel souvenirs (just keep 1 from each place)

79.  Expired paint

80.  Bikes the Kids have outgrown

81.  Replace travel bottles

82. Outdated vitamins

83.  Old baseball cards

84.  Unused and old purses

85.  Papers you have backed up on the computer

86.  Used ink cartridges (recycle them)

87.  Ticket stubs

88.  Old air fresheners

89.  Old bags

90.  Expired food in your pantry

91.  Calculators (most phones already have calculators)

92.  Exercise equipment that you don’t use

93.  Scratched non-stick pots and pans

94.  Stockings with runs

95.  Old gift cards

96.  Single gloves

97.  Breadmaker (seriously…when is the last time you made bread)

98.  Remote controls (that don’t control anything that you own)

99.  Unused blankets

100.  VHS movies

101.  Promotion gear with ugly logos

Remember a lot of this you can donate as well. If you are having trouble parting ways with an item. Consider taking a picture of it and throwing it away. This way you can keep the memory alive and save some space. Don’t be afraid to let go…you can do this!!

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