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Pool Ramp that Saves Animals from Drowning

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I remember when I was younger, little animals would always get stuck in our pool. I would feel so bad and didn’t know what to do to help them! If that sounds like you, now you won’t have to worry about that! Now you can get a pool ramp that saves animals from getting stuck and drowning in your pool.

Pool Ramp that Saves Animals from Drowning

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Pool Ramp for Saving Animals

This pool ramp is actually called a Frog Log; however, it works on all animals and critters, not just frogs. You can use it to help save frogs, toads, birds, lizards, bees, ducklings, salamanders, snakes, turtles, rabbits, mice, squirrels, you get the idea, any animal!

It is one of the easiest things to set up. Once you get it all set and ready to go, those animals will get to safety quickly.

Not only are you helping the animals, but this will also help keep your pool nice and clean.

Pool Ramp that Saves Animals from Drowning

image courtesy of Amazon


So far, people are loving this Frog Log pool ramp! Here is what people are saying about these pool ramps.

Ashley from an Amazon review states, “Great purchase! We always have little animals and critters fall into the pool and it’s so difficult to help them (if we see it in time). One of the neighborhood duck’s babies kept falling into the pool. By the time we raised the water level of the pool (which goes down every day because of the sun intensity) and used a palm branch, it would take forever to get them out. The mother duck would be stressed out and think we were harming her babies. I bought this the same week the last time this happened and filled the pouch with rocks. So simple. The baby ducks figured it out in less than 2 minutes.”

Johnny agreed with Ashley and said, “We have had this in the pool all summer and have had no critters lost. Normally there were 2 or 3 frogs a week, but none this year. It helps all kinds of animals. My wife took this picture of a baby rabbit it saved today. We lifted it out and it hopped away. Great product.”

Pool Ramp that Saves Animals from Drowning

image courtesy of Amazon

Where to Order

You can get the Frog Log on Amazon.

It only costs around $18, so it is perfect for your budget and helping those poor animals get to safety.

Get one today in time for summer and have your pool ready to save those innocent animals all day long! This pool ramp that saves animals from drowning is such a genius idea!

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