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KFC Fried Chicken Bucket and Sides…APRIL FOOLS!

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Your kids are going to get a huge kick out of our KFC April Fools’ idea and this fun dessert is very easy to make!

April Fools Day KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal & Sides Dessert

We always have a blast making April Fools food! I guess most of the food that we make could be considered a April Fools kind of thing to begin with since we make fun things out of our food. However, this is what we consider April Fools to be when making something with food.

We live in Marietta, GA …the home of the KFC Big Chicken! When people visit Atlanta or you just need to find a location here…I can pretty much guarantee that someone will direct you with the words….when you get to the big chicken turn left…or keep on going past the big chicken…etc… It’s our landmark here in Marietta and people just love it! What is not to love about a giant moving chicken!

April Fools Day KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal & Sides Dessert

My 2 older boys actually have their own big chicken made out of wood that they keep in their room. Here are my boys with their smaller version of the Marietta big chicken…

April Fools Day KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal & Sides Dessert

We thought it would be fun to recreate a Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner with a dessert. This is how we made it.

Bucket of Chicken…

8 c. Kelloggs Rice Krispies
1 Bag Mini Marshmallows
4 T. Butter
White Candy Coating
Peanut Butter
Bran Flaks (we used flaks from Kelloggs Raisin Bran)
Large Pretzel Sticks

We first made our leg bones by attaching 2 small marshmallows on the ends with cookie frosting. Let that dry on wax paper. It will look like this…

Turn Rice Krispie Treats into a Turkey Legs for easy & fun for the Kids!

Melt the white candy coating (use package directions) and dip the rods to cover. Don’t bother dipping the ends that you are holding…that is going to be covered up anyways. Let that dry on the wax paper.

Now make the rice krispie treats. Place the butter and mini marshmallows in a large bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Stir… then add the cereal to coat. Let that cool just a bit. Spray your hands with cooking spray and mound on some of the krispie treats on top of the bones. Press it firmly and shape. Let that cool just a bit more. Flip it over and press on more of the cereal treats on the other side. Press firmly and let that set on the wax paper. They will look like this…

Turn Rice Krispie Treats into a Turkey Legs for easy & fun for the Kids!

These would also make great turkey legs for a fun Thanksgiving dessert!

Turn Rice Krispie Treats into a Turkey Legs for easy & fun for the Kids!

Keep the bran flakes ready in a bowl. We crushed some and left some of them. You could also use regular corn flakes, but my kids love Raisin Bran and that just looked more realistic to me. Take the left over candy coating and melt for 20 seconds in microwave…or until melted. Stir in just a little bit of peanut butter to that for a off white color. I am always trying to find excuses to add peanut butter into everything!;) Spread the candy coating on the outside. This will also help set the chicken legs so they don’t fall apart. Sprinkle the crushed flakes on the outside. Dip the larger flakes in the coating and press on the outside. That’s it for the legs.

April Fools Day KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal & Sides Dessert

You could also make other chicken pieces instead of all legs. We made ours kind of big to fit in the KFC bucket, but I would make them smaller for kids. I wouldn’t let my kids eat a whole leg…they would be bouncing off the walls!

Corn on the Cobb…

Yellow and White Gourmet Jelly Beans
White Cookie Frosting
1 Yellow Starburst

I have seen Corn on the Cobb cupcakes before made with jelly beans, so we just changed that up a bit and used Twinkies. Looks a bit more realistic that way…and a lot easier! We also cut our jelly beans in half to save on some sugar here. Adding jelly beans to Twinkies seems crazy right?ha My kids would think it was more of a April Fools joke that I would let them eat a whole one of these (which I wouldn’t..just half). We cut off the ends of the Twinkies. We squeezed a little cookie frosting on the jelly bean half and lined them up on the Twinkie. Melt a Starburst in the microwave for 5 seconds and press that to look like butter melting. We did sprinkle some decorating white sugar on top to look like salt.

April Fools Corn With Jelly Beans

Baked Beans…

Sugar Babies (in any candy isle)
A Chocolate Pudding Cup
A Vanilla Pudding Cup (you could also use butterscotch instead of both)
A Dab of Red and Orange Food Coloring

These baked beans looked the most realistic to me and it was so easy to do. Just mix the puddings together until you get a med. brown color. Just put a tiny bit of red and orange coloring to get the right color. Don’t even put a drop…just add with a toothpick. Poor the Sugar Daddies in a bowl and add the pudding.

April Fools Day KFC Baked Beans Dessert

This was so fun to make and perfect to pull out for dessert on April Fools! The fake fried chicken legs turned out so tasty that I could have eaten a whole bucket full of them myself!

April Fools Day KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal & Sides Dessert

Hmmm….is this really corn on the cobb? I love me some good ol’ fried chicken!

April Fools Day KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal & Sides Dessert

If you like our KFC April Fools‘ idea, make sure to check out all of our other fun April Fools’ Day food ideas & pranks HERE!

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  13. Thank you so much! The beans definitely turned out the most realistic…even fooled my husband!

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  49. This are so cute! I made some for my cousins baby shower. Instead of corn I used your Mac and cheese. And I also left out the pretzals. I thought it would be a little more simple like that. They were a hit! Thanks so much for the great ideas.

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  58. This is awesome! I work at KFC. I really need to try this and take it to work with me!! I love it!

  59. I loved your Tip Me Tuesday link this week Jill. {thanks girl!} Would you like Tip Junkie to feature your blog post to over 200,000 creative women? If you upload this blog post into your Tip Junkie craft room using at least 2 images, 2 steps, and blog post URL then I can easily feature it in my RSS feed, home page, and all my social networks instantly. {squealing with delight} ~ Laurie {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}

  60. I made these for my daughters class today! They didn't turn out near as good as yours but still adorable! Thanks for the idea and will definitely give you credit when I blog about it!

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  62. I tried to make the chip legs and I can’t get the cereal to mold around the pretzel rod.
    The only thing I did different was microwave the butter and marshmallows.
    Could that cause the cereal to be loose.
    I did spray my hands with some oil and it didn’t make a difference.
    Would appreciate your thoughts ASAP as I would like to make them for Thanksgiving.
    Thank you!

  63. I needed a fake chicken leg for a church skit and made this using a few inedible items. I did use Raisin Bran and it worked great!!!ย 
    Thanks for a fabulous idea!! You are a creative genius!