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Professor Tries Out Recipes That Are Nearly 4000 Years Old

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This quarantine has definitely made us try some new things out. For some people, baking and cooking new recipes became a new hobby for them. For this professor, he tries out recipes that are close to 4000 years old!

Professor Bill Sutherland

This professor decided to change up his meals and cook something he has never tried before, in fact, most people living today haven’t tried either!

He found some recipes from a recipe tablet dating back to 1750 BCE. He decided to create 4 of those dishes and called it the best Mesopotamian meal he has ever had!

Bill shared that he heard about the recipes from Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashid, who he considered “a real expert on Mesopotamian culture.” He then thought it would be fun to try to cook these recipes, so he did.

It took about an hour to plan out what he was going to do and then a couple of hours to cook everything as well.

Mesopotamian Meal

He first made a lamb stew. Bill shared how the instructions were very perplexing and sometimes he had to make guesses on what to do. He said, “I didn’t fry the onion and garlic that was sprinkled on top as it wasn’t in the recipe. I also added the sourdough breadcrumbs and then baked it so it was like a crumble, but perhaps I should have used it as a sauce thickener.”

Next, he made a Tuh’u which was easier for him to make. He said it had lots of leeks, coriander, onions, and garlic, all things he enjoys eating.

Then there was Unwinding which has sauteed leeks and onions that are baked with sourdough crumbs. This one looked good but was rather boring according to the professor.

He also made his own version of Elamite Broth. Instead of using real sheep’s blood, he used tomato sauce. He said it was a good thick soup and enjoyed it as well.

Overall, this was simply a fun thing for Bill to do while he was at home. This professor had no idea that his Twitter posts would go viral over these 4000 years old recipes he had tried.

Anyone else want to try these Mesopotamian meals?

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