Pedal Through The Redwood Forest On Rail Bikes

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The Redwoods make a beautiful area to view, and with this trail, you can pedal through to see the scenery on rail bikes. This is a breathtaking once in a lifetime adventure that everyone should look into.

Pedal through Redwood Forest
image via Skunk Train / CanevariPhoto

Pedal Through The Redwood Forest On Rail Bikes

In the US, there are around 50 rail trails that the railway no longer uses that have been converted into multiuse paths. The days when the train used these tracks are long gone and these rail tracks and stations sat abandoned for many years. Now, these forgotten railways are getting new life. These trails are being used for rail biking for those who want a new adventure.

These rail trails have been turned into multi-use paths for walking, cycling, horse riding, and snowmobiling, and also railbikes

The Skunk Train railroad started is run along to the North Coast in 1885 and ran up until March of 2019. It used to be the only way for visitors to see the anciet and majestic redwood forest that is located about 3 hours north of San Francisco. It runs along the Pacific coast. There is something for every nature lover and explorer. The Skunk Train railbike route goes through the redwoods.

Pedal through Redwood Forest

About the Rail Bikes

These custom made rail bikes are made for 2 people and are whisper quiet, being powder by pedal power when traveling through the forest. There is also low noise electric motors that give tired bikers a break without disturbing the forest.  The tracks are completely safe with no trains or other traffic.

This easy ride is about 2 hours that starts at Fort Bragg and winds along Pudding Creek and then crosses a wooden trestle bridge and then heads into Mendocino County which is in the heart of the redwoods, which is estimated at more than a thousand years old. Some of these magnificent trees are as high as 300ft in the air.

Pedal through Redwood Forest

For bookings and rules safety, visit: as well as and for other railbike adventures.

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