Shark S’mores Pops

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My boys always have a blast watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel so they wanted to make a fun treat today that looks like a shark! We have created over 30 fun S’mores Pops ideas & they are my boys favorite treats. So…that is just what we did! We made these Shark S’mores Pops today & my boys just loved them!

Shark S’mores Pops

Graham Crackers
Jumbo Marshmallows
Chocolate Cookie Icing
Marshmallow Bits
Lollipop Sticks
Mini Chocolate Chips

Start out by cutting around the top corners of a graham cracker. Use that piece as a guide to cut the other pieces using kitchen scissors. Cut marshmallow bits in half to make teeth link this…

Squeeze on the chocolate icing on the front in the shape of a mouth then press on the marshmallow teeth. Attach 2 mini chocolate chips on the top sides for the eyes. Place one cut out graham cracker on your work surface. Cut a jumbo marshmallow in half. Squeeze icing on one side & press on the graham cracker. Squeeze more frosting on top like this….

Then press on the top shark face graham cracker…let dry. We also cut out little fins & attached them on the back…

Here is a close up of the shark faces…

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