Snakes May Be Living in Your Pool Noodles Fire Department Warns

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If you enjoy swimming whenever all summer long in your backyard, you probably have tons of swimming supplies. Does that include pool noodles? If so, you might want to check on them. Apparently, snakes are living inside of them.

City of Buckeye Fire Department

The City of Buckeye Fire Department in Arizona shared how they responded to a resident having rattlesnakes living in their pool noodles. This family kept their pool noodles up on a wall by the pool. One day when they went out for a swim and grabbed on the pool noodles, a rattlesnake popped out. After further inspection, there were multiple young rattlesnakes living inside!

Thankfully no one got hurt. But, the Fire Department did say that they have responded to multiple of those calls lately. Because snakes are drawn to cool, quiet places, pool noodles seem like the perfect home to them.

Michael Tohlen

Instead of leaving your pool noodles and other pool accessories outside, put them in a closed container or in a shed outside. Make sure there are no holes or any ways a snake could sliver their way inside.

Snakes are everywhere, not just in dry hot places. Be sure to stay protected this summer season and check your pool noodles!

Who needs to go check theirs right now?

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