Teacher Knitted 23 Dolls of Her Students

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While school is out, teachers are really missing their students, and I’m sure some students miss school and their teachers as well. One teacher, missed her students so much she knitted dolls of all her students to have with her during this time. How sweet is that!

Miss Ingeborg

Miss Ingeborg is a teacher of the Bavinck school in Haarlem. The school had to close due to COVID-19 like all schools around the world.

She shared, “It was all up and running that the school closed. It all hit me like this. The children were no longer in school. And I miss them so much.”

She started missing her students like crazy. One day on Pinterest, she saw a knitted doll from Pinterest. Without any lessons, she decided she was going to knit every one of her students a doll.

So, she did just that! She went to work and made 23 dolls, one of each of her students.

Knitted Dolls of Classroom Students
photo via Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin

Knitted Doll Students

Each doll took her about 3-4 hours to complete. The girls who wore cardigans to school, she made cardigans for on their doll. The boys that wore sweaters, had sweaters.

She made sure every student who wore glasses or had freckles had them on the dolls she made. This teacher did not forget any detail when it came to her students and their dolls.

When she finished, she showed a picture of her completed dolls to her students and their parents. Without putting names by the dolls, each student could easily recognize their own doll. It didn’t take long for them to point out their doll from the picture.

Then, the students asked, “Where is Miss Ingeborg?”

So, Miss Ingeborg spent a couple of hours and created herself for her class of dolls.

For the Future

Miss Ingeborg and her students loved the dolls so much, she will continue to make them each year for her students. Other teachers in her school wanted her to make their class dolls, but she said, “no there’s no time for that.”

Soon, Miss Ingeborg will be able to see her students again. Students will be able to go and collect their belongings from the school. Miss Ingeborg will once again be able to at least see her students and bring the dolls to them. The students are so excited to see the dolls in person.

We all knew teachers were all so amazing with their daily efforts, especially during these times. However, this teacher knit 23 dolls of each of her students to bring a smile to their faces. That is simply incredible.

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