86-Year-Old Man Learns to Knit for Premature Babies

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Kindness has no age limits, and this man definitely shows that! This 86-year-old man decided to learn how to knit, so he can make hats for premature babies. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Ed Moseley, of Acworth, Georgia, taught himself to knit so he could donate baby caps to Northside Hospital in Atlanta
photo via Ed Moseley – Dogwood Forest Assisted Living

Ed Moseley

Ed Moseley is a retired engineer. He lives at the Dogwood Forest assisted living facility in Acworth, Georgia. Only a few months ago, they challenged their residents to knit wool hats for babies born early. Ed didn’t know how to knit but felt like he needed to do this project.

So, he taught himself how to knit! He discussed this interest with his daughter and asked for her help. She then got him all the supplies that he needed, along with instructions. He slowly started to learn the process.

He started to knit while watching tv. Soon enough, he was able to knit a hat in about an hour. Then, he started to teach other residents how to knit and make the hats as well.

Atlanta Hospital

Combined, they were able to give over 300 hats to the neonatal intensive care unit at Atlanta’s Northside Hospital. Out of those 300 hats, Ed completed 55.

Atlanta’s Northside Hospital delivers more babies than any other hospital in the United States. Sometimes they can deliver more than 2,000 premature babies in a given year.

Moms and their babies who receive these hats are more than grateful. It helps them to recover and stay warm while doing so.

This was the same hospital that Ed was also receiving chemotherapy for his cancer.

Inspiration to All

Ed Moseley has inspired many from his dedication to knitting these hats. The children at the school where his granddaughter teaches were inspired and now are making hats as well.

His love for knitting continues as he is now making hats for his friends and family. He is also currently taking orders. As long as they purchase the yarn, he doesn’t charge anything.

Ed is such an inspiration. He shows us that you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of age. If Ed can learn to knit at 86-years-old, you can do anything you want.

The man who learned to knit hats for premature babies is absolutely incredible. May we all be a little more like him each and every day. No matter how small our actions may seem, it makes all the difference in the world to those around us.

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5 comments on “86-Year-Old Man Learns to Knit for Premature Babies”

  1. Teresa Brookes Walker

    well done Ed, what an inspiration to us all u r. God bless u kind sir, long may u continue to be an inspiration to us all. a great big thankyou from all of us to u THANKYOU very much. xxxx

  2. Mary Covington

    God bless him the best gifts in things in life are the gifts in life are the gifts of life and kindness