The East Coast Greenway Is The Epic Bike Trail We’ve Been Waiting For

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Love biking? What about hiking? If you’re a lover of long-distance treks that safely meander through new and interesting places, meet the East Coast Greenway.

No? I get it. Biking and hiking are not for everyone. Take a look at this road trip that a data scientist created. It’s supposed to be the absolute best way to see all the great places in the United States.

The East Coast Greenway Is The Epic Bike Trail

The East Coast Greenway Awaits

Starting in Maine and going all the way down the Eastern Seaboard to Keywest, Florida, the in-production East Coast Greenway is making epic biking (or walking) journeys much easier.

Right now a determined cyclist can travel all along the east coast from top to bottom. Unfortunately, they may not be on a safe trail, away from cars, for the entire ride.

You’ll have to ride on the roads themselves most of the way as the bike trails are intermittent on the trip. That’s why the trek is currently recommended for experienced cyclists only.

The East Coast Greenway Makes Exploring Safer

Things are getting better and infinitely more fun! The ECG mixed-use trail will allow hikers and cyclists who want to take on a big adventure to do so in a much safer way by connecting local and managed trails that are already in existence.

An ambitious idea to be sure, the East Coast Greenway was conceived by a group of people who dreamed a big dream and have been working ever since to make it a reality.

Covering over 3,000 miles and winding through 15 states, you’ll soon be able to explore America up close and personal in the most beautiful way.

The states the trail passes through are:

New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New York
New Jersey
Washington D.C.
North Carolina
South Carolina

Click here to check out the East Coast Greenway map for yourself.

Imagine peddling through the 450 communities on the path. The people you would meet, the local new foods to try, the scenery that you would otherwise miss when you’re flying past at 70mph! It sounds like heaven.

Instagrammers are reporting back about the fun they’re having. Follow #eastcoastgreenway to see the pics for yourself.

The path is still being constructed, which isn’t surprising given that every mile of the 3,000 costs about a million dollars. To date, one billion has already been invested.

Impatient? Don’t be. A good 33% and 970 miles of the trail are in use and ready to welcome you and your bike.

Wondering what the trails might be like?

There are specific requirements regarding the type of trails that can be included.

“The trail surface must accommodate many types of users, including wheelchairs and touring bicycles. A hard surface such as asphalt or pavement, or a firm surface such as stone dust, qualifies. We also require minimum greenway widths of 10 to 12 feet and grades of less than 5 percent. The trail must be protected from motorized vehicles.”

Safety Rules for Biking the Greenway

Keep your pedaling speed slow on the trails and make sure you have front and rear bike lights.

Leave your valuables, like jewelry, at home.

Keep pets on a leash and always pick up after them.

From the website, “Carry with you: Identification, pertinent medical information, emergency numbers, basic tools and repair materials, cell phone, sufficient water or fluids for hydration, a local road map for orientation in case you get off track, and gear for changes in weather conditions.

Are you a long distance biker or hiker?

What do you think of this trail? Sound like something you might want to do either with your family or alone?

And hey, long bike trips require camping. Lucky us, we have a list of 30 of the best camping tips and hacks. Take a look!

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