This Amazing Sun Bracelet Helps You Avoid Getting Sunburned

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Now that summer is here, we all will spend as much time outside as we can. However, that typically means a lot of sunburns as well. 

Not if you get this incredible sun bracelet! 

Sun Bracelet 

This is simply amazing. SunFriend bracelet is something everyone needs, especially those of us with fairer skin. However, all skin types can still reap the amazing benefits! 

The SunFriend bracelet is a UV monitoring device that will tell you when you’ve had enough sun. 

It will automatically tell you when you are about to get a sunburn. Amazing right?

This bracelet will also take into consideration your skin type and your sun exposure to accurately keep your skin healthy. 

Promote skin health and sun safety with this awesome bracelet! 

Not only that, but it is also waterproof up to 3 meters, or around 10 feet!

How it Works 

To check your sun exposure, simply click “check UV.” It will give a rating from 1-11. If you are close or at 11, it means your body needs a break from the sun. 

Don’t worry though, you don’t always have to check it either. It will also automatically notify you when you reach 11 by its blinking lights.

Other Cool Features 

The SunFriend bracelet will last you 3 years before the battery stops working. That’s amazing! If only every battery lasted that long! 

It also has a 9-inch adjustable band so pretty much anyone can wear it. 

These are perfect for moms who are worried about putting chemicals on their kids! 

We all need more vitamin D but also don’t want to get sunburned. With this bracelet, you won’t have to worry about either of those! 

Where to Order

The amazing thing is you can find these SunFriend bracelets on Amazon.

They are totally worth it for a complete summer full of fun! 

Who is going to grab one of these sun bracelets? How about one for the entire family! 

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