This Inflatable Attachment Turns Your Paddle Board Into A Unicorn

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Who here loves to paddleboard? Paddle boarding is such a fun family experience. Now, it can be even more fun with these awesome attachments to make your board look like a unicorn! 

Unicorn Paddle Board 

Isn’t this just the cutest thing ever? This Inflatable unicorn attachment will help transform your paddle board for a super fun family adventure. 

It is so easy to put on and take off too! According to Amazon, it “Easily attaches to any SUP using the removable universal harness system-no hardware required.” 

This does not come with its own paddle board, but it will attach to just about any paddle board out there! 

Simply harness it onto your existing board and you’re good to go have a good time. You do not need any other equipment and it will not take long to set up at all.  You can even use the head and not the seat and vice versa.  It comes with the head, tail, two straps, and the universal harness. 

How to Use  

There are three main ways you can use this inflatable unicorn: 

  1. Use it with one person on the paddle board. 
  2. Sit down and paddle by yourself.  
  3. Have an adult paddle while a child sits on the back of the paddle board. 

The tail will slide into a few different positions to fit what needs best and to balance properly. 

There are also a variety of choices, not just a unicorn. Choose between a 

  • Shark 
  • Unicorn 
  • Whale 
  • Dolphin 
  • Submarine 
  • Swan 

Get one or get them all! These are the perfect addition to your family vacation at the lake. 

Where to Order 

You can get these right off of Amazon.

Depending on what choice you get, they will be anywhere from $30-60. 

Which one catches your eye? I sure do love that unicorn inflatable paddle board attachment! 

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