Train Birthday Party

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We had a Train Birthday Party for my 3 year old this past weekend and he loved it! We have so many fun ideas to share with you!

train party ideas

Train Party Ideas

My 9 year old helped me so much get everything made and set up…couldn’t have pulled it off without him! We started out by making our backdrop by using a green board from Michaels for a few bucks and covered the top with blue wrapping paper for the sky. We drew on a track with marker and printed out train cars to say…Happy Birthday Levi! Super easy and it turned out really cute….

Train birthday cake and backdrop

Train Birthday Party Cake

We decided to make a train cake to look like a actual train. Since we were making so many things I totally cheated this year and bought pre-made Sara Lee pound cakes. I didn’t want to get into cutting blocks of cake and try frosting them with all the crumbs. These little pound cakes worked out perfect and made things fun for us to decorate.

train birthday cake and background

We covered a board with green wrapping paper. My 9 year old suggested that we make a hill using small empty boxes that we had. It was easy and we had fun making it. We used green construction paper to cover up the sides of the hill. We used brown and black paper to make the track.

train birthday cake

Then we frosted all the cakes. We used chocolate graham crackers, Twizzler strings, a ice cream cone, Keebler cookies, and M&M’s to decorate the front. We used candies & snacks we had on hand to fill the cars like chocolate covered raisins, pretzel sticks, gummy worms, and Swedish fish.

Train Party Food

We also made these super easy Train Sign Marshmallow Pops. All we did was cut jumbo marshmallows in half. Spray them with yellow edible color and also wrote on the top with black edible marker. For the Railroad Crossing signs we cut the sides from a square s’mores marshmallow using kitchen scissors and then wrote on the front with the black edible marker.

marshmallow train crossing signs

Here is my happy 3 year old with his Train Birthday Cake.

boy with a train birthday cake

This is our party table.

train party food on a table

Some of this was last minute stuff, but we put grapes on skewers, filled containers with snacks. We printed off wheels and glued them on mini bread baking containers that we found at Walmart. My 9 year old made the big train from boxes….

Train themed party food

We also made other containers from popcorn boxes & my 9 year old made this train as well….

Train themed party food

We had some healthy train snacks using pineapple and fruit leather.

railroad crossing pineapple snack

These easy train railroad crossing cookies were made using vanilla wafers and black edible marker and peanut butter in between the cookies.

vanilla wafer and peanut butter railroad crossing cookies

The kids had a blast!

Thomas the train bounce house

Hershey Candy Trains

We made these cute little Hershey Candy Trains for the kids to take home. This was a big hit and super easy to put together!

  • Cover a package of Rolo’s with construction paper and tape Cookie & Cream Kisses together for the wheels.
  • Put a miniature Twix on the bottom and tape the Rolos on top.
  • Break a toothpick in half and press it in a kiss for the top.
  • Unwrap 2 Rolo’s for the top and wrap them in aluminum foil. Then tape a Hershey’s miniature on top of that.
Hershey candy trains

This is how we had them set up for the kids to take home….

Hershey candy trains on a table

Other Fun Party Ideas

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9 comments on “Train Birthday Party”

  1. These are great ideas! I am going to share your page on my website to give ideas to parents that are planning a train themed birthday party! thank you

  2. Yeah, what a party!! I hope you enjoyed your birthday there. Your birthday cake was look very yummy and beautiful..

  3. delhicelebration

    oh so nice cake for birthday party ,now we got best blog for birthday idea such a Very nice post

  4. Such a cute party! I hope he had a GREAT birthday =)

    I am featuring this on TGIF today. Thanks for linking up and sharing your creativity with all the rest of us. Have a GREAT weekend,

  5. Wow, you thought of everything, Jill! Your older son had a great idea with the hill for the train cake; He definitely has your creative genes:) Fabulous and fun party…the birthday boy is so cute too!