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Star Wars Fun Food & Party Ideas…our full collection!

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We gathered up all of our original Star Wars Fun Foods & Party Ideas for you into one post! Now you can easily find all of our fun Star Wars creations without having to search for them. My boys are huge Star Wars fans and they have always loved creating their favorite Star Wars characters out of food. Our Star Wars Party ideas are some of our most popular creations that we have made.

We came up with lots of these ideas back in 2011 for my boys birthday parties. We also came up with lots of our fun Star Wars food ideas to help my boys try new & healthy foods since they were such picky eaters. Who knew that turning Yoda into a apple would actually get my little boys to eat a healthy snack?! It worked & this turned me into a big Yoda fan! 🙂

My boys are so excited to see the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens this Friday! How about you?

Star Wars Fun Food & Party Ideas from

Yoda Apple Fruit Snack

Star Wars Yoda Apple Fruit Snack

Planet Hoth Wampa Cake

Star Wars Wampa Cake

Storm Trooper Marshmallow Pops

Star Wars Storm Trooper Marshmallow Pops

Jabba the Hut Hummus

Star Wars Jabba the Hut Hummus

Star Wars Dinner for Kids

Star Wars Dinner for Kids

Jawa Jello Jigglers

Star Wars Jawa Jello Jigglers

Yoda Watermelon

Star Wars Yoda Watermelon

Chewbacca Cookies (Chewie Wookee Cookies)….

Star Wars Chewbacca Chewie Wookiee Cookies

Yoda Soda & Vaderade

Star Wars Yoda Soda & Darth Vaderade

Star Wars S’mores Pops

Star Wars S'mores Pops

Yoda Guacamole Dip (Yodamole)

Star Wars Yoda Guacamole....Yodamole!

Garbage Masher Cake

Star Wars Garbage Masher Cake

C3Po Oreo Pops

Star Wars c3po Oreo Pops

Bobba Fett Vegetables (Bobba Fettables with Boba Fetta Cheese Dip)

Star Wars Boba Fett Vegetables with Boba Fetta Cheese Dip

Light Saber Pretzel Rod Treats

Star Wars Light Saber Pretzel Rod Treats

Darth Vader Cheese Ball

Star Wars Darth Vader Cheese Ball

Star Wars Mexican Dinner for Kids

Star Wars Mexican Dinner for Kids

Jawa Juice

Star Wars Jawa Juice

Jar Jar Binks in a Blanket

Star Wars Jar Jar Binks Hot Dogs "Binks in a Blanket"

Star Wars Yoda Valentine’s Day Cupcakes (Yoda One For Me)

Star Wars Yoda Valentine's Day Cupcakes "Yoda One For Me"

Han Solo Rolos

Star Wars Han Solo Rolos

Jabba the Hut Nuts

Star Wars Jabba the Hut Nuts

Storm Trooper Cheese Ball

Star Wars Storm Trooper Cheese Ball Appetizer

Yodalicious Fruit with Fruity Trooper Dip

Star Wars Yoda Grape Snack with Storm Trooper Fruit Dip

Padawan Pita Chips

Star Wars Padawan Pita Chips

Padme Popcorn

Star Wars Padme Popcorn

Little Princess Leia Cupcakes

Star Wars Little Princess Leia Cupcakes

Chewbacca Burgers (ChewBOCCA Burgers)

Star Wars ChewBOCCA Burgers

Dark Side Chips with Jango Mango Salsa

Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Side Chips


Star Wars Ewok Cookies

Darth Vader Tater Tots

Star Wars Darth Vader Tater Tots

Light Saber Popsicles

Star Wars Light Saber Popsicles

Yoda Quesadilla

Star Wars Yoda Quesadilla

We had so much fun coming up with these Star Wars Fun Food & Party Ideas & hope that you like them!!

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