Star Wars Food and Party Ideas!

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We gathered up all of our original Star Wars Food & Party Ideas for you into one post! My boys are huge Star Wars fans and they have always loved creating their favorite Star Wars characters out of food. Our Star Wars Party ideas were some of our most popular creations when we first started our blog.

Star Wars Food & Party Ideas

Star Wars Party Ideas

We came up with these original ideas back in 2011-2012 for my boys birthday parties and they have since been recreated by countless others. We also came up with lots of our fun Star Wars food ideas to help my boys try new and healthy foods since they were such picky eaters. Who knew that turning Yoda into a apple would actually get my little boys to eat a healthy snack?! It worked and this turned me into a big Yoda fan! 🙂

Yoda Food Ideas

Yoda is a definitely a favorite character of my boys and we have created many fun food ideas for snacks, meals and parties around him. Here are some favorites!

“Judge me by my size, do you?”

Yoda Watermelon

Yoda watermelon

Yoda Apple with Pretzel & Fruit Roll Up Light Sabers, Yoda Fruit with Fruity Trooper Dip, Yoda Guacamole and a Yoda Quesadilla!

Chewbacca Food Ideas

Chewbacca is another favorite Star Wars character in my house. We originally came up with the name Chewy Wookie Cookies and made them from Star Crunch Cookies! We have made many treats and desserts over the years in his likeness!

“Laugh it up Fuzzball!”

Chewie Wookie Cookies

Chewbacca Cookies

Chewbacca Gingerbread Cookies

Star Wars Birthday Cake Ideas

Probably the most memorable part of the Star Wars birthday parties we had was my boys coming up with the cake ideas. They always wanted cakes that depicted a scene from a Star Wars movie. I am by no means a cake decorator, but we had a lot of fun coming up with these cakes and they can be made with staples that most people may have on hand.

Planet Hoth Wampa Cake

Star Wars Planet Hoth Wampa Cake

Garbage Masher Cake

Star Wars Garbage Masher Cake

Star Wars S’mores Pops

Star Wars Snacks and Treats

My boys and I definitely had some play on words fun with all of our Star Wars Food and Party creations. We had so much fun coming up with the names! The Yoda Soda and Boba Feta Cheese dip were probably my favorite!

Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Cheese Ball

Jabba the Hut Hummus

Jabba the Hut Nuts and Padawan Pita Chips…

Boba Fett Vegetable Tray with Boba Feta Cheese Dip

Boba Fett vegetables and Boba Feta cheese Dip

Chewbacca Burgers (ChewBOCA Burgers)

Jawa Jello Jigglers

Star Wars Jawa Jello Jigglers

Padme Popcorn and Ewok Cookies

Dark Side Chips with Jango Mango Salsa and C3P0 Oreo Pops

Light Saber Popsicles

Star Wars Light Saber Popsicles

Yoda Soda, Vaderade, Jawa Juice, Saber Soda and Luke Skywater

Han Solo Rolos and Princess Leia Buns…

Jar Jar Binks In A Blanket, Darth Vader Taters, and Light Saber Sicles

Sweet and Salty Sabers, Little Leia Cakes, and Storm Trooper Pops

Star Wars Gingerbread Men

Star Wars Dinner Ideas…

Here are two of my boys favorite dinner ideas that we came up with. The first is a Chewbacca hot dog with Storm Trooper mashed potatoes and a Yoda salad and the next is a Storm Trooper quesadilla with Chewbacca refried beans and a Yoda salad!

Star Wars Yoda Valentine’s Day Cupcakes (Yoda One For Me)…

Star Wars Yoda Valentine's Day Cupcakes "Yoda One For Me"

We had so much fun coming up with these Star Wars Food & Party Ideas and hope that you like them too!!

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