Trampoline Tent Cover for Campouts in the Backyard

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Having regular camping trips during the summer is such a fun adventure while growing up. Spending time in nature with your family is one of the best things to do. However, with the virus, it may be hard to go on camping trips this year. Nevertheless, you can still have campouts! Get this trampoline tent cover for campouts in your own backyard!

Trampoline Tent Cover

If you have ever slept on a trampoline at night, it gets very cold and wet in the morning, not to mention all the bugs. However, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore with this tent cover!

This cover is made specifically for the 14-inch round trampolines. It has four mesh windows, so you can still feel that summer breeze all throughout the night and be able to literally sleep under the stars.

It also has two door openings as well. You won’t have to worry about bugs getting in just so you can feel the breeze. You will be protected inside all the while not getting too hot.

With this cover, it is specifically designed so that it attaches to the perimeter of the trampoline, instead of just sit on top like most other trampoline tents. It has ties to go all around the trampoline to secure the tent. That way it also gives you the most space possible inside the tent to sleep.

It is so easy to set up and takedown, you will be using this all summer long! You can even use it during the day to stay safe from the sun while enjoying being outside.

Trampoline Tent Cover

Where to Find This

Having this trampoline tent cover for backyard campouts is a definite must this year! You can still have those family camping trips despite the pandemic happening, even if it is in your backyard.

You can find this cover on Amazon, making it even easier to get this in time for summer!

Grab yours today and start enjoying your trampoline and being outdoors with your family once again!

You can also get a Trampoline Sprinkler that also looks so much fun!

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1 thought on “Trampoline Tent Cover for Campouts in the Backyard”

  1. I literally took a $20 dome tent and set it on top of the trampoline to camp on the trampoline. Nothing fancy needed

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