Science Says You Turn Into Your Mom in Your Thirties

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Do you love your Mother? Of course, you do. But do you want to turn into your Mom? A doctor in the UK says his study suggests that women begin to turn into their moms when they are around 33 years old.

Studies Confirm - You Turn Into Your Mom In Your 30's

In a survey of 2000 men and women, Dr. Julian De Silva claims his findings show that daughters will start to show very definite signs of becoming more like their moms as they approach their mid-30s.

Things That Prove You Are About to Turn Into Your Mom

You watch the same TV shows. If you and she are addicted to watching the CBS evening news and then calling to discuss it, you might be turning into your mom.

You dress alike. It’s one thing to tell your mom you love her new blouse. It’s another if you start borrowing her “blouse.”

You talk like her. Does she have sayings that you find yourself repeating? I’ll bet you’re thinking of some right now!

Stressful situations cause you to sound exactly like her. Neuroscientists say that when we are in stressful circumstances, our neurons look for familiar paths. That’s when you’re more likely to say something that used to come right of your Mom’s mouth when she was talking to you as a child.

You and she look alike. Thanks to genetics, we can look at our own face in the mirror and see Mom staring back at us.

I remember the moment I realized I have my Mom’s hands. I looked down one day, and there they were. Every wrinkle and knuckle looked like hers and my nails are the same as hers. Kind of freaky, actually.

You can still love your mom and not want to be her!

If it bothers you that you’re turning into your mom, remember that it doesn’t mean you don’t love her. Nature dictates that we humans are born to leave our moms and, if we choose, make our own babies.

We aren’t necessarily built to love our moms so much that we live in her basement for the rest of our lives. Human survival requires we leave the nest and do our own thing.

So, don’t feel guilty that you really don’t want to look and act like your mother. It’s natural. It’s okay. You’re not a terrible daughter.

And anyway, your daughter(s) will someday have the exact same feelings about you!

There is a great read about why we turn into our mothers on The Guardian. There is too much info to share in this post, but give it a read if you have a few minutes.

In closing, remember that turning into your mother is normal.

It doesn’t mean we can’t learn to cut out the behaviors she did that we don’t want to do. It doesn’t mean that we are doomed to make all the mistakes she made.

We can learn from all the things she did right, and from the things she wishes she could have done better.

In the meantime, I hope you find comfort in the fact that men also start turning into their dads in their thirties.

Quick! Someone get that man some socks to wear with his sandals and for goodness sake, close the front door because we’re not trying to air condition the whole neighborhood!

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