Windowless Planes Are Coming

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I’m not sure what I think of the windowless planes that are rumored to be on the horizon, but it sounds a little bit scary to me. I’m going to share what I’ve found out and you can decide for yourself whether you love the idea or hate it.

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Clear Windowless Plane

Windowless Planes

CPI (pictured above) has plans to lower fuel consumption and offer an amazing view out of a windowless plane. They plan on wrapping the interior walls of the plane with OLED screens that will display the skies from cameras mounted from the inside.

Another airline states that plane’s fuselage will be stronger without windows. Manufacturers say windows can be a structural weakness, which makes me terrified that I’ve EVER ridden in a plane with windows.

Airlines say planes without windows burn less fuel, fly higher and even faster. That means less CO2 emissions. I like that idea.

What will planes have instead of windows?

Fiber-optic cameras. I guess I can thank the technology of the camera in my car for that idea. Yes, it may keep me from smacking into the car next to me at school pickup, but I’m not sure how I feel about using it on a plane.

To prevent passengers from having meltdowns when they feel claustrophobic, airlines are looking at using those cameras to display what’s happening outside via virtual windows.

Everyone in the airplane will have access to the same views, no matter whether in 1st class or in the back seat near the bathroom. That could be a bonus if you love a window seat but have trouble always getting one.

I can also see how it could be good for kiddos. No one will argue over the window seat!

What is a windowless plane like for the passenger?

Emirates Airline already offers a first-class suite with virtual windows. Supposedly, the views with virtual windows are far better than anything you could see with the natural eye.

There are some incredible videos you can watch on YouTube that show off the idea in different ways.

You can take a look at this interesting concept for a windowless plane: watch here. (I’m not sure I want to ever get on a plane that looks like that one. That’s TOO MUCH to see!)

Emirates is actually already using virtual windows. This video shows you exactly what it’s like.

Would you travel on a windowless plane?

It almost sounds like, at some point in the future, we won’t have a choice. I guess we’d all better get used to the idea, but it does feel scary to me for some reasons. You?

You can watch how CPI explains more about this here…

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