You Can Get a Half Christmas Tree That Fits Flat Against The Wall

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It is the holiday season which means soon enough it will officially be time to decorate for Christmas! It is my absolute favorite thing to be able to decorate my Christmas tree. However, it is usually a huge debate in my family if we decorate the back of the tree or let it be. Now, we don’t have to decide! You can get a half Christmas tree that fits flat against the wall!

Against the Wall Christmas Tree

via Hammacher Schlemmer

Half Christmas Tree

A half Christmas tree is exactly what it sounds like, literally a tree cut in half to stick up right next to your wall. Some people, myself included thinking that this is such an incredible idea, while others are not so sure.

These trees are perfect for small spaces like students or people living in apartments who want to decorate and have that Christmas spirit but simply don’t have the room. They are also really good for corners as well!

Or, for people who are like me and just would rather not decorate the back on their tree. These half Christmas trees actually save a lot of space so you can decorate and enjoy the holiday season even more!

Where to Order

The good thing about these is that they are not too hard to find! You can get a 6.5-foot tall one from Hammacher Schlemmer. This one will be around $250 and worth every single penny if you ask me!

However, if you need a smaller one, you can get a 5-foot half Christmas tree from Target. This one is a lot cheaper and comes to be around $70!

You can also find a variety on Amazon!

Against the Wall Christmas Tree

via Hammacher Schlemmer

Either way, you cannot go wrong with these half Christmas trees. Plus, with all the space you will be saving, you can even get more trees in your home! That is a win-win situation for me!

Are you going to change things up and get yourself a half Christmas tree this year to put up against your wall? Or will you stick to decorating the entire Christmas tree?

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