You Lose Your Best Friend When Your Mom Dies

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Your relationship with your mother may be the most precious thing in the world, or it may be a struggle. Whatever the case may be, when your mom dies, you will realize that you will lose your best friend forever.

When a daughter loses her mom, it could just very well be the one loss that you will never get over. That is why it is so crucial to make the most of the time you have together before it is too late.

You Lose Your Best Friend When Your Mom Dies

More Time

How often do we say we are too busy when in fact we aren’t? How often do we get together, only to look at our phones and not spend any quality time together?

We must make the most out of the time we now have. So, go on that lunch with your mom. Make that phone call. Switch up your schedule so you have more time to spend with her. It may seem tedious now, but you will look back and be grateful you did make the time.

No Judgement

Many mother-daughter relationships struggle, especially around the teenage years. Some daughters might rebel and think their mother doesn’t understand or respect their decisions. However, mothers will always understand.

They are truly always there for you, even if they don’t communicate it effectively. There is no judgment between a mother-daughter. When you have a daughter of your own, you will notice and see just how much you need your mom at those times.

Fill your relationship with laughter and happiness. Share your concerns and worries with your mom. More than likely she will know exactly how to help, or simply be the ear you needed to listen to you.

Nurture Your Relationship

Every relationship, no matter how good, can always become better. Use that mindset and try to strengthen your relationship with your mother daily.

It could start by forgiving for wrongdoings and asking for forgiveness. It is time to let go of grudges. We see too often that life can be taken in an instance. You don’t want to be holding a grudge when your mom passes away.

Send daily, weekly, or monthly reminders to your mom how much you love her and appreciate her. Try to get together as often as your schedules will allow, whether on the phone or in person.

Find a hobby you can do together just the two of you. Take time to build your relationship around that hobby. You will have fun and learn new things about each other.

Share your accomplishments with her, along with your struggles. Let her try to help you in any way that you can.

You will be truly grateful for all the time and effort you spend on building a solid and strong relationship with your mom. When you eventually and inevitably lose your mom, you will have lost a great best friend.

It will be far easier to lose a best friend than to wish you would have done something for her when you had the chance.

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23 comments on “You Lose Your Best Friend When Your Mom Dies”

  1. I lost my Mom in 1994. For the longest time I would pick-up the phone to call her. I still miss her today!

  2. My Mom passed in 2016. My parents divorced when I was young with 2 younger brothers. So she was basically a single mom as dad hit the road. I resented the fact that I was the one she relied on for looking after my siblings. I took care of the house when I came home from school because she was working. But….she kept a roof over our heads, food on the table. We grew up staying out of trouble, graduating high school and getting some college under our belts. It took me many years to realize how much I loved her for this. She was amazing, strong, resilient. We were her first only concern. I learned so much from her. I miss her so much. I was 60 years old when she passed, and I am still wanting to pick up the phone to talk to her. I love her so much. Mommy, I miss you!

  3. It’s not just moms, it’s dad’s too. I’ve lost both to cancer now. I was my dad’s caregiver after I lost my mom. My dad was my best friend. Words can’t describe how much I miss both my parents. 

  4. Jasmine Neely

    I lost my mommy November of 2020 and my 1st child( my son) turned 1 on December of 2020. Every day it still hurts that my mom isn’t here anymore.

  5. Kelly Seibert

    Wish I would have taken note a year ago. My mom recently passed (May 2020) and I was definitely “too busy” doing everything but what was most important….just spending time with my mom (and dad). Wish I could go back for a “do over” but I can’t. Please make time for your family….and bring the requested donuts/cake/cookies/etc. (even if that is ALL they’ll eat). I was too busy trying to get them to eat “healthy” foods. Thanks for the article…maybe it’ll help someone else in time….

  6. Pamela Trebour

    I lost my mom 6 years ago this October 15th.  She was my best friend. I feel like a part of me died that day too. I along with my brother and sister had to make the decision to pull the plug.  I cry every day. I miss her so much. It hurts

  7. Krystyna Grzybek

    I love my mom back in 2012 of April to cancer. At first when diagnosed with it I didn’t want to believe it. Cancer runs hard in my family. 🙁 so I did my normal daily things. But that last month she sat in the hospital it all hit. I quit college and everything besides work just be beside her. I missed her taking her last breath trying to take care of my grandma(her mom) at the same time 🙁 in 2011 of Dec lost an uncle to cancer as well as in August another uncle passed from cancer. Every day is still a struggle considering I’m the black sheep of the family. I miss her soo much and I just want her back.

  8. Hi &thanks for sharing this with us! My moma &best friend ever, went to heaven 10yrs ago & there’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. I stayed with her the last 14 days of her life &I would do it all over again. I had been diagnosed with MS a year or so before this & I had to quit work & she always took care of her children &husband before herself & I say God knew exactly what He was doing because I got to be there when she needed me most! Two months after that my oldest brother died suddenly from a heart attack & for 3 years after that I had given up! I had a nervous breakdown and had to have surgery on my back & it seemed like everyone but my son, dad, &aunt were against me. But God took care of me &brought me thru all of that & I give Him the honor & praise for it all because He was with me every step of the way! Thanks again for sharing, I hope every child in the world sees this cause you only have 1 moma & she can’t be replaced!

  9. My life growing up was not easy…my mother overstepped the boundaries of discipline to many times to count. I forgave her over and over…Throughout our time together, I was always there for her, and finally caring for her for the last 8 yrs of her life. The past was unimportant…my mother needed me. I miss her daily, and will love her forever
    Sadly, I have only one child, a daughter, who barely knows I’m alive…she is not the little girl I raised and cared for. Her growing up years, were 100 times better than mine, perhaps that’s the answer.
    I made life to easy for her. I hope she realizes my love for her, before I am no
    longer on this earth. I never want her to feel the pain of regrets of ” I should have” cherished my mother.

    1. I am so sorry Patt as I understand the anguish that you are going through. I can’t comprehend why my daughter would do the same as yours either. It is such an uncaring attitude when the child was the center of your universe but treats you like you don’t even exist. I pray our daughters grow-up intellectually to realize the errors in their behavior and how if effects another. Just keep in mind that you are never alone with this situation. God bless.

    2. Ladies, my youngest daughter was BRAT. She didn’t appreciate me not One Bit. I was at my wits end! She is the youngest, shes now 24. I have an older daughter, 32, and a son (dreaded ‘middle child’) hes 28. Well….she moved in with her ‘rich aunt and uncle’. It wasn’t untill she had seen her cousins grow up (au pair n all), SPOILED ROTTEN TO THE HILT!!!! day I heard The Angles SING!!! She came home and told me she was sorry for being so mean to me growing up. I thought I needed my hearing checked! She said the reason I was tough on her now she knows that I love her. She also told me I was a GREAT MOM!! All that because she had seen that her aunt really didn’t do much ‘mothering’. She didn’t attend college, but she learned a LOT living with ‘rich people’. She once said to me that rich people are So Unhappy. Have Faith.

  10. Charlotte Alexander

    So true I am a mother and Just loss my daughter we had a good relationship and doing things together a mother should not lose her child first

  11. 5 stars
    I say that to my friends that still have their moms. I lost mine 2 yrs ago. It’s devastating and has left a hole in my heart. I long for her. But she was sick. I wouldn’t want her to suffer on behalf. It’s just been a very hard 2 yrs..  People who still have their mothers can’t even begin to even comprehend. They say I know. But they really don’t . My Queen is at peace and for that I’m happy. RIP my Queen. We will be reunited someday. I love you and miss you with everything that I am. ♥️♥️♥️

  12. This is so very true! I lost my mother 5 weeks ago and I’m crushed. I am so loss without my mother. My heart aches for her 24-7. I lived with my mother all my life and the last 5 years she was bedridden and I was her sole caregiver and would not have changed a thing. I had her 89 years and now I’m a lost soul. I love and miss her dearly. 

  13. I lost my mom over 20 years ago and it still hurts just as bad today as it did when I was a child. I’m also coming up on 7 years from losing my grandma (my second mom). This is so true. Thank you!!! 

    1. I lost my mama 10 months ago. Everyday it feels likevthe day she died all over again. I was with her the night she passed away. This article spoke to me. My mama and I talked alot. And I could tell her anything. The night she died I was not with her when she took her last breath. Everyone said she did not want me to see that. I would give anything to see her again.

    2. My sister and I live about 75 minutes from our home town.  We had spent the day with Mom the day before she passed.  She took a turn for the worse the next day and passed.  My parents were both in a nursing home (sharing a room) at the time.   My brother and dad were there, along with our aunt and several cousins were also there.  But when she took her last breath, my sister and I were at home, my dad had laid down for a bit, and my brother had stepped out of the room for a moment. .   I think she knew!  She loved her family so much, and didn’t want us to see her go.  It’s been 19 months, and I cry for her often.  I miss her so much!   But I know that she is finally cancer and pain free, which helps to know when I am having a hard day.  I am so sad she is no longer here.  But I have 57 years of memories, photos and videos (I will always remember her voice) to keep me going.  Our sister and I are married to brothers, and we lost our mother-in-law 2 years ago today, just 6 months and 2 days before our own mom.  She was the best MIL we could have ever asked for!  She considered us family from the first day we met.  She actually set my sister and brother-in-law up on their first date!  I am so grateful to have had two wonderful mothers in my life, and cherish every memory.❤️

  14. 3 Yeats and I miss her more today then the day she left. I will never get over losing her I took care of her for the last 8 months of her life. I was the only one there when she took her last breath. I get more depressed every day because she is gone. There is no real life without her. I pray for sleep because I dream of her often loved her so much and I miss her so much.

    1. I lost my Mom August 8 2020 an I took off work for almost 3 months to care for her while she was in an out of the hospital. She was my best friend I’m proud to say I’m a mommas boy. People keep telling me that she will come to me or I will dream about her. I haven’t yet an I keep hoping to hear her voice in the house Iade her a promise when i was a little boy that i would never leave her alone an i didn’t for almost 48 years. I got to kiss her an tell her i loved her an she meant more to me than anyone and she was the most important peron in my life. I can’t get the image out of my brain, the look in her eyes, fear or sadness. My aunt told me my Mom was worried how hard it was going to be on me. I will never be the same. I’m sorry for your loss