13 Habits For Raising Great Kids

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Parenting can be very difficult, especially with your first child. You are constantly worried about doing something wrong and making mistakes. However, here are 13 great habits for raising great kids.

13 Habits for Raising Great Kids


1. Experiences Rather Than Gifts

While gifts are fun, especially at Christmas and for your child’s birthday, they are not the most important thing you can do for them. How often do your kids forget about the toys they received?

Instead of gifts, try going on vacations around the holidays. You can even spend more time together in the house as often as possible. Kids will remember those Saturday game nights much more than toys or gifts they receive. You will spend time with them and develop great relationships, all the while having fun together.

2. Chores

Kids need more responsibilities nowadays, not less! Give them age-appropriate chores to do. For younger ones, try having them clean up their toys by themselves, or putting away their clothes. As they get older, they can sweep, vacuum, do the dishes, etc.

By having them do chores when they are younger, you are preparing them to be independent when they are older. They will be able to keep jobs longer and take care of themselves on their own.

3. Earlier Bedtime

Everyone needs a proper amount of sleep, especially children. Getting your children to bed earlier rather than later will only improve every aspect of their lives. They will be able to do better in school and be healthier.

4. Empathy

When something is bothering your child, try using empathy. Take some time to sincerely listen to their feelings. Put yourself in their position so you can truly know how they are feeling. When you use empathy with your children, they will trust you more, and you will understand them more than ever before.

5. Reading

We all know how important reading is for your kids! Take some time each week and read with your kids. Learn what books they like to read, and read together. It will help their vocabulary, comprehension, and social skills.

6. More Hugs and Love

Never let your child leave the house without expressing your love to them. If they do not like physical contact, you can tell them how much you love them verbally. Hugging has a powerful effect on people, even if your teen is embarrassed by it.

7. Outdoor Adventures

Kids need to have adventures in nature. Nowadays kids are spending all their time indoors instead of outside. Have your kids go outside, even if it is just in your yard. It will help them to stay active and soak up some sun.

8. Relaxing Days

We are all busy throughout the day, especially kids. Take a day out of the week and just have a relaxing day. Clear your family’s schedule, so you don’t have anything planned. Then you can just enjoy the day slowly, making things up as you go throughout the day.

9. Less Technology

Kids spend hours looking at a screen each day. Have a set time where there is no technology allowed. This will help them not be addicted to technology, as well as relax their brain. Taking time away from technology will only benefit your kids, even if they disagree.

10. Good Music

Have some wholesome music playing in your home regularly. You can even help your child choose a musical instrument to learn to play. Like reading, music helps your child learn new words and strengthens their brain.

11. Set Routines

Everyone thrives with a routine. Find a routine that works for each member of the family. It may take some time getting used to, but in the end, everyone will be happier. Have a set time for both dinner and bedtime, along with other activities you wish to include.

12. Play Time Together

Simply play with your child. It is how they know you love them. After a stressful day, take some time to just have fun, be silly, and play with your kids. It will help everyone relax and enjoy each other’s company.

13. Boundaries

Boundaries or rules is another crucial aspect to raise great kids. While your child may view rules are restrictions and a lack of love, make sure to explain to them it is to protect them and keep them safe. Even though it may be hard in the beginning, stick with your boundaries.

These 13 habits will help you raise great kids. Start implementing them as quickly as you can! While some may be more challenging than others, each will only benefit your kids. and your family.

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