Let’s stop flooding our kids with gifts. The 4 Gift Rule will give them the best Christmas

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Do your kids get piles of Christmas presents every year from every family member you can think of? Most children receive too many gifts to the point that the special spirit around Christmas disappears. However, there is something you can do to help keep the sweet spirit of Christmas in your home, called the 4 gift rule!

Let's stop flooding our kids with gifts. The 4 Gift Rule will give them the best Christmas

The 4 Gift Rule

There is a tradition of gift-giving that helps keep the true spirit and excitement of Christmas alive. It is the 4 gift rule. It includes four gifts you give to your children each year, including:

  1. Something they need,
  2. Something they want,
  3. Something to wear,
  4. Something to read.

Benefits of the 4 Gift Rule

With this simple rule of gift-giving, you will teach your children many important values. For starters, they will learn that little is often better, and won’t get caught up in the concept that they need more, more, more. They also will enjoy Christmas as they are not overwhelmed by everything they have received.

Your children will learn to appreciate what they have, instead of constantly wanting more than what they need. They will think less of Christmas as involving presents and more of a time to enjoy and be with family. They won’t count gifts and be upset when they get less than last year, but rather be grateful for the gifts they receive.

As parents, by following this rule, you will grow to learn and love giving gifts. Instead of giving your child endless toys, you are more aware of their wants and needs; thus, your presents become more intentional. Christmas isn’t about picking up the most expensive toy you think they will enjoy. Giving gifts each Christmas is to bring joy to your child’s life, providing them with what they truly want as well as what they need.

While it may be a hard change, it is definitely possible and worth it. You may not be able to change your other extended family member’s minds about this rule, but you can start it with your actions toward gift-giving. Then, you will see just how magical Christmas still is without all the piles of gifts. You might even realize that Christmas is more joyous and magical without the never-ending pile of gifts.

Make it Personal

Now, the great thing about this rule is that you can change it and make it suitable for your family. Make it personal, so your family enjoys Christmas and gift-giving. To get the most out of it, you need to create a beautiful family tradition, so change it up and make it count for your family.

This rule can only apply to the gifts, but stockings are free for all, or you can include stockings as well. You’ll come to realize that intentional, thoughtful gifts are more fun for you and your children. You can include the siblings and other extended family members on this, or keep it between just you and your children.

There are countless ways to alter this rule to make it an exciting tradition for your entire family. Christmas is about enjoying time with your family. As you make the switch to this four gift rule, your family will enjoy and focus on what truly matters this Christmas more than ever before.

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