A Despicable Breakfast!

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Despicable Me Breakfast

My 2 year old is really into Despicable Me big time and we thought it would be fun to make him a Despicable Breakfast making Gru Pancakes and Minion Eggs! He was so happy and excited!

A Despicable Breakfast

Pancake Mix
1 Marshmallow
2 Mini Marshmallows
Eggs (scrambled)
1 Blue Fruit Roll Up

Mix up your pancake mix and make a large circle in a pan on low heat. Make another pancake to cut out details. Cut the ends off of a marshmallow and place them on the pancake for eyes. Cut out pieces of the other pancake using kitchen scissors to make the eye lids, nose, mouth, & ears. Scramble up 2 eggs and place them on the plate to make Minions. We cut out small circles from pancake to make the goggles. We cut a mini marshmallow in half for the eyes and used raisins for the pupils, google straps, and feet. We also used raisins for Gru’s eye brows and pupils. We cut a blue fruit roll up for the Minions overalls.

Is this really for me???

Despicable Me Breakfast

This is one happy 2 year old! He’s having a good good day!:)

Despicable Me Breakfast

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