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DIY Homemade Weed Killer (3-ingredients)

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Do you hate weeds in your yard and garden but also hate harsh chemicals? Worry no more! We have found a DIY homemade weed killer that actually works with only 3-ingredients!

3-ingredient Weed Killer

Natural Weed Killer

Now you don’t have to worry about chemicals getting into your beautiful garden. You can still be worry-free that your plants and food that comes from the garden will be healthy.

This all-natural weed killer is very easy to use and to make. The best part is that it truly works!

There are three ingredients:

  • 1-gallon vinegar
  • 1/4 cup dish soap
  • 2 cups Epsom salt or regular salt

You will also need a gallon-sized container or a spray bottle to put the weed killer in.

These ingredients are not expensive at all and you may already have them in your home! It costs less than $3.00 to make, which is incredible for an all-natural weed killer!

It is safe to spray around animals and your children. Another great part is that you don’t have to ever worry about breathing in harmful chemicals. It is completely toxin-free.

It will not ruin your water supply or your plants. Put these three ingredients together and you have a safe, eco-friendly weed killer!

Natural Weed Killer

How to Make the Weed Killer

First, pour the salt into your container. Then, add the vinegar. Shake the salt and vinegar together. It is best to let it sit for around an hour to let the salt completely dissolve.

Then, you can add the dish soap. Shake again once all the ingredients are combined. Next, it is ready to put into a spray bottle.

You are ready to spray your weeds! It may take up to 24 hours to see the weeds completely die. Bigger weeds may need more sprays than smaller ones as well.

Make sure not to spray the grass or plants around the weeds as they will die as well. Anything the spray touches will die, so be extra careful!

Also, make sure to use the spray on a sunny day, as it needs to sun to completely help kill the weeds.

Some people think that they have to have the chemical weed killer in order to successfully kill off weeds, but that is not the case! You can make your own natural homemade weed killer that is just as effective!

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This does not work unless you are using agricultural grade vinegar. It is however an awesome cleaner for tubs and tile.

Yes, you are correct. I ordered the stronger vinegar on line and used it.

I used the distelled white vinegar bought from the grocery store and it work Great!

I also used the white vinegar from store and it killed all my weeds.

used this last year and it worked

Ordered these a month ago and havent showed up and know way to contact a little pissed off

What did you order? It’s a recipe for weed killer. 

Can you replant where you have sprayed? I worry about 5he salt residue killing new plants.

Can this mixture be used on/or around bricks, without eating up the bricks?

If this is sprayed in a vegetatable garden area, will plants grow in that garden? What would the time frame be for planting in a sprayed area?

Will this work on Sumac, poison ivy and poison oak too?

Yes it does. But the vines still contain Urushiol and need removed. It works good. I see no new growth and can tell the vines are dead. But sadly still poison ivy rash from not being careful because I thought I was ok after dozens of exposures. Lesson learned. Use trash bags and gloves. Make sure to layer up and pitch clothes you wear or bleach. 

Will it kill dandelions?

You don’t want to kill dandelions as bees need them to survive.

This works, BUT: it depends what you want to do+. Are you trying to knock down a stand of weeds or grass so that you can q+prepare a raised bed over it? Then, yes, Epsom salt is ok, because magnesium is a stimulant for root growth – and that’s what Epsom salt is, primarily. If, however er, you want to insure that nothing grows in that location ever again, use table salt. Salt blocks soil from holding moisture. Vinegar is adequate all by itself if you plan to plant something else in that location eventually. However, agricultural vinegar, or at least a 10% solution ( agricultural vinegar at 50% ) is more effective then kitchen vinegar.

How long do you have to wait after the weeds have died to sow grass seed??

Will it kill sego palms

Then can you plant seeds in that area?

I buy 2.5 gal of Ever Kill for 45.00. Works out to about to 00.8 cents per gal.

This is great information!Thank you so much.I am going to pass this on to other people I kmow.Wow,keep up the good work.God blesd you!

Will this damage brick? My patio is full of weeds in between the bricks. 

How safe is it to spray around trees?

Is the Dawn used as a wetting agent. Would it be better to use some other natural wetting agent. Is epsom salt better than NaCl?

Does it kill the weeds’ roots also? Or will they return?

Will this kill the grass too!   I would like it too.

Yes it will kill everything you spray it on.

More than 3.00