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Everything You Need to Know About the Alzheimer’s Vaccine Studies

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An Alzheimer’s vaccine may be available in our lifetime! Results from a small study have shown that people are responding positively to a Phase II trial.

The exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease is not known. As you know, it causes memory loss and cognitive decline. If you’ve ever loved someone who was suffering from this unspeakably wicked disease, you know how brutal it is. It robs a person of who they are and it breaks the hearts of their families. There is no cure… yet. But a new vaccine now entering Phase III trials looks very, very promising. Here’s what you need to know.

Alzheimer's Vaccine

Facts About the Alzheimer’s Vaccine

Currently, you cannot walk into a doctor’s office and ask to get the vaccine. I want to be clear about that. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if it happens sooner than you ever hoped.

Researchers believe Alzheimer’s patients have plaques containing beta-amyloid, a sticky brain protein which forms in the brain. (You’ll forgive me if my explanation isn’t the best. Not a doctor!)

But what United Neuroscience, the folks behind the research, believes they have found is a vaccine that appears to improve brain function and reduce the protein plaque gumming up their neurons.

“We are doing better than the placebo on all these things,” said United Neuroscience CEO Mei Mei Hu to Bloomberg News. “We can’t make any claims yet, but we’re pointing in all the right directions.”

In fact, there was a small United clinical trial that showed that a whopping 96 percent of patients responded, without serious side effects, to the  Alzheimer’s vaccine they call UB-311. That’s incredible! It’s a small study, but it gives me hope and it should give you hope as well. (Read more about it here.) The company is beginning Phase III studies now.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

If a loved one is exhibiting these symptoms to the point that you feel concern, take them as soon as possible to see a doctor who specializes in dementia.

The very first signs of Alzheimer’s is difficulty remembering newly learned information. Don’t freak out, though. We all have problems in that area from time to time.

Read about all the other symptoms so you can get a full picture of what to look for. The information below was found on the Alzheimer’s Association website. I encourage you to visit the site to learn more.

1. Memory loss that interferes in everyday living. Asking for the same information over and over is one example.

2. Challenges in planning or problem-solving. They may have trouble following a recipe or managing bills.

3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks. One example would be forgetting how to play a game they’ve always loved.

4. Folks might be confused about the passage of time. Sometimes they forget where they are.

5. They may have difficulty reading, judging distance and determining color or contrast.

Alzheimer’s Vaccine: “This is still the beginning of the beginning.”

-Eric Reiman, Alzheimer’s researcher

6. Following or joining a conversation may be problematic. There may be trouble with their vocabulary or calling things the wrong names. Like calling wheels on a car round things, or a watch a hand clock.

7. Misplacing things and being unable to retrace their steps to find them. They often complain that their things were stolen.

8. Poor judgment and personal care. Patients may not shower as much and unfortunately, they may be swindled easily by folks after their money. (Like telemarketers.)

9. Sufferers commonly withdraw and stop doing the things they once loved to do.

10. Their moods and personalities may change. Folks may be super irritable when their plans change or they are outside their comfort zone.

In closing…

Do you love someone with Alzheimer’s? Have you ever worried about yourself? We’d love to hear your experiences and wisdom on the subject, so please join in the conversation in the comments.

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  1. My mother had dementia and we lost her a year ago this August. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease and I wish this trial was available for her to take part in. I will get this vaccine if/when it becomes available

    • This would be a great study to be a part of, seeing how I have constant memory problems

    • Interesting information. Last year after seeing the neurologist for an evaluation testing determined I have atrophy in an area of my brain. I was experiencing mild cognitive difficulties. The MRI revealed atrophy in my brain. The diagnosis he had to give was dementia. This was devastating to me because I had overcome a pre-existing condition from birth. The determination was made that the long term use of this medicine may have had a large contribution to the diagnosis. I am having very good results with the medication. I am strong willed and working hard at my job and continue to be independent and work a job requiring attention to detail and research.

    • I’m caring for my mother law in my home she has dementia and alzheimers we would love to get more information about the new medication coming out please help us

  2. I will be 63 yrs old in a couple of weeks. My mother died of Alzheimer’s at age 85. I can’t always remember things & ask people to tell me thing repeatedly. I also repeat stories to friends because i don’t remember telling them. I read a lot but don’t always remember what a book or movie is about. I wish the vaccine was available now. Thank you so much for your research!!!

    • Wish this vaccine was available to the public my husband has alzheimers and it is so difficult watching him getting worse he is on epinutin and donacept. It’s so hard for them.

  3. I am interested in being in the study.

  4. My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She’s been living with me for a year now. This has to be one of the most difficult diseases to deal with, for both the patient and the family members caring for them. It’s extremely frustrating for her. I think one of the most important things I’ve learned during this process is patience. I’ve also found if I can keep her busy and entertained it helps with her mood. Thank you for this article. How wonderful it would be to have a medication that actually helps. 

  5. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and dementia and she can’t remember her son’s name that’s there everyday all day taking care of her so he walks around the house with a shirt that says his name on it and she is always asking me my name and iam 36 now and was always over her house mowing or painting her house when I was younger

  6. My husband will be 80 this coming Wednesday and he was diagnosed two years ago. I know he had been dealing with it for at least three years before that. So wish this vaccine was available. We now know why the Lord gave us a child at the ages we were. She’s now 16 and a blessing. It takes both of us to lift him off the floor when he falls. Thank goodness it’s not often. Keep up the testing.

  7. Sounds amazing. I am excited I hope sooner 

  8. My mom has Dementia now, how soon can i get this vaccine for her??? I would love to see how it changes her disease!

  9. My mother has had altimeters for over a yr now and now just found out she has sundowners it’s been hard on my father he has been taken care of her but we had to put her in a home this week cause she took off on him when he was in the hostpital and barricaded herself in the house and had to get the cops in the house it was a hard decision but he will go in with her since she don’t understand what’s going on right now or where she is

    • I am very excited about the possibility of this vaccine. My maternal grandfather, my mother, 2 maternal aunts and my mom’s nephew have all passed with Alzheimer’s Disease, plus one of my brother in laws. Now I have a sister who is living with it now. I would love to be in on this trial if I am needed. This is a sad disease for anyone and I am praying that a cure can be found.

  10. My mom has dementia/Alzheimer’s, it’s a frustrating disease for the whole family!! I hope they get this through so we can try it

  11. My grandmother died of Alzheimers, my mother now has it, she cannot keep up with a conversation, she moves things in strange places like putting socks in a kitchen drawer. She won’t bath herself, I bathe her twice a week and sometimes she tells me I’m doing a good job and asks me if she paid me. I’m forgetting things and after seeing her go through this, I’m scared as hell that I’m next. Wondering if that is going to be me in a few years. I sure hope this vaccine works and thank God for the research. I’ve started writing a journal for my family and in it will be that if I end up with this horrible disease to take me to Colorado and administer “end of life” drugs. I don’t want to put them through taking care of me.

    • I’m in the same place and have given instructions to my children also. I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone. Stay strong.  

  12. My Mom has Alzheimers.  I wish with all my heart she could be a part of this study.  It is definitely a heart wrenching disease to those of us who love them.  It is so painful to see her going through this and I would never wish this on my worst enemy. I feel for all families going through this and pray for you all. 

  13. My mother has Lewy Body Dementia, similar to Alzheimers, and is currently in a care facility. This disease is so cruel. It robs the person of everything they are, and the family members of the loved one they’ve always known. I feel like I’m already grieving the loss of my mother, even though I talk to her everyday. I really hope we see a cure in our lifetime. Thank you for posting this.

    • My mother had Lewy Bodies. She passed away 3 yrs ago this Oct. it wasn’t so much forgetting things ( although she did towards the end. She couldn’t remember who my father was and thought we were leaving her with a stranger). Mostly hallucinating. Thinking she was in the town she grew up in and seeing children all the time (she was a teacher). It runs in her family. Several siblings have it. My audited and I are worried we will get it. Hope the vaccine comes soon. 

  14. My father was diagnosed with dementia and he is in the early stage of it right now he has had some episodes and he has forgot who my kids was at one time.. it’s scary and I hate that he has this disease. I hope this vaccine comes out soon and it will help my dad. I dont want to loss him over this.. he has his good days and bad but we try to help him remember things and talk to him alot. Keep him moving and he has his puzzle he works with so that has helped him remember too..

  15. Hello! My name is Tamara and I’m 38 years old! My mother got diagnosed around 5 years ago. She is now in an assisted living facility because my step father and I couldn’t take care of her anymore! She would violent episodes and it was scary! It’s awful seeing the strong woman who raised you pretty by herself struggle with this horrible disease. I’m not sure if it will be too late but I pray everyday that they find a cure for this horrific disease and that my mom will get better. 

  16. My Mom has Dementia and she’s going into her second year  with the disease.
    It’s hard to deal with it watching her slowly loosing her self.
    Im her career and I wish I could do more to help.
    The vaccine cannot come soon enough 

  17. Would love to be a part of this study. If you could send me any contacts to possibly get included.

  18. Paige, your story is similar to mine. My mom too passed away at 85. She lived in assisted living and a nursing home 8 years before she passed. I am 64 and I know my memory is not as sharp as it used to be. I’m noticing that I can’t always come up with a correct word to use in conversation. My sister who is 66 was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 4 years ago and we recently had to take away her car keys. My grandmother also died from Alzheimer’s. I tried to participate in a Alzheimer’s study several years ago- I filled out a lot of paper work and never got a response. I am going to Alzheimer’s conference next Friday. I went to one about 8 years ago and I learned a lot- they will give us info on new research and how to care for someone with Alzheimer’s.

  19. Getting this dreadful illness is my biggest fear. My mother, aunts, grandfather all died from alheimers.   It was difficult for all of them as the people around them did not understand the illness and made many mistakes, such as correcting them constantly. My mother did better for me as I tried to live in her world. If she saw water and was afraid of drowning I would jump in the water and swim to her. I met her where she was in her reality.  

  20. My Ma has dementia. She is in a care facility and we have hospice for her. It’s been a scary and depressing road we’ve been on, watching a woman who was so clean, in control, love the opera and all her social activities. She’s 96 and I hope I don’t live that long. She’s in a happy place but she’s almost a vegetable brain wise  

  21. My 84 yr old Mom has dementia now going on 6 yrs. Can she be in the trial studies? So sad to watch her every day slowly die. She lives with me & my husband. We are her full time care givers . I would love to get her into a trial!

  22. My husband has Dementia 
    3 years now 
    It brakes my heart every day 
    We have been together 45 years .
    Although he still knows my name , he doesn’t know who I am.
    He’s angry and lost most of the time 
    No more holiday , no more social life 
    Many people stay away , he can’t handle being out .
    Finding support is hard .
    Plans all out of the window .
    Some times I just want to run away .
    I feel like my life is over , when it was supposed to be our time.
    Feels like I am caring for a 4 year old with ADHD .
    All the doctor says is it’s just progression  .
    Don’t know how much longer I can do this ,or if I want to
    My partners gone and I have nobody who cares for Me 

    • I’m 67 and have short term memory issues. Doctors haven’t said I have alzheimers. My older brother by 3 years pased away from Alzheimers in May and was diagnosed at about 57 or so. I still live alone and take care of my business . I have volunteered for test at UT Health science here in San Antonio but nothing but more test and studies. I woul love to be a part of your research and tests

    • I know how you feel.  My husband has Lewy body dementia   I feel like I am taking care of a 5 yr old. There are days I want to run away. I think to myself I want my old husband. My real husband back. But that can never be. If you need help if he was a veteran the va can help if not then office of the aging can help or health department will steer you on the right direction.  Do not be embarrassed to accept help. Best of luck! 

  23. My Husband is 69 years old, He has 7 years He diagnosed  Alzheimer’s I would like he participated for the vaccine 

  24. My Mom was diagnosed with something called Lewy Body Dementia. Everyone called it Alzheimers, but I guess there are several brain issues they say are all in the Alzheimers family? I wonder if this is correct and if the possible research is for them all.
    My Kom was diagnosed at about 78 or 79. Passed away at 89. I will be 60 in a few months.
    I was an ADD youth and adult and so many of the “early signs” I can say yes to but its been my whole life . I am very phisically active but I do feel like my brain is slowing. Im terrible with names, but it seems a bit worse. Cant remember the right words sometimes but again…that always.been the case. I dont know if it is really an issue or if I am just overky concerned. I will speaknto my Fakily Physician next year.

  25. My hubby was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 48. We are four years into his diagnosis and he is has lost so much already. Full time caregiving for someone that wants so badly to return to “normal” is so heartbreaking! I am excited to know that there may be a vaccine someday, but sure wish someone could find a way to reverse the damage already done by this horrible disease. Without my faith that God has a plan, I would be unable to handle the day to day heartbreak and challenges that come.

  26. Both of my parents have/had Alzheimer’s, so I am very, very concerned.

  27. My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago.  It has been such a difficult and trying time not just for me but him as well. I can see him struggling at times. I would be very much interested in this vaccine when it becomes available.  I hope really soon.  I also have an aunt who has Alzheimer’s and remembers no one. It’s so sad , but when you see my aunt, she is so happy and always smiling and dancing. She is very well taken care of. 

  28. My mother has dementia, her sister had Alzheimer’s when she died, her brother also had Alzheimer’s when he died, and her other brother had dementia when he died. My dad had dementia when he died, his sister had Alzheimer’s when she died, and his brother had dementia when he died. I had a first cousin that had Alzheimer’s when she died. To say that I am worried would be an understatement. I would volunteer for this trial in a heartbeat. 

  29. I wish you continued success with this study. I have been robbed of two very important people (1 from each side of my family tree) due to Alzheimer’s. UB-311 is hope… That I wasn’t sure If see in my lifetime.
    God bless you.

  30. My mother died November 9th 2018 from this wicked disease. It was hell! I worry ever day that it could happen to me.

  31. My father died of Alzheimer’s, so I worry about developing it myself . The disease is so awful. I would gladly take the vaccine.

  32. My grandmother is currently in a dementia facility and I hate seeing her mind slipping further and further away everyday.  I despise this disease I have lost my great grandmother to Alzheimer’s and I also have an aunt that has it now.. I’m absolutely terrified I’m going to follow in their footsteps and I hope it doesn’t happen… I look forward to a cure!

  33. We are in the 1st year of this with my mother. Healthy as a horse and never been sick a day in her life. PLEASE PLEASE let us join in with her on this study 

  34.  I worry about myself sometimes having it since my Mother has it now.  

  35. This makes me so happy I am crying. My dad and my Aunt have Alzheimers. As did their brothers and sisters 12 of them. also their mom. I have worked with people for years with this . Anyway I am so happy they are finding maby a cure or something to slow it down. I will be the first in line to get that shot if I can run faster than my family members. thank you thank you

  36. My dad has Alheimers Stage 4…My mom os his Caregiver and let me tell u..its hard wrk.. please hurry up with the Vaccine….thank U…

  37. My dad has Alheimers Stage 4…My mom os his Caregiver and let me tell u..its hard wrk.. please hurry up with the Vaccine….thank U…Please we need all the help we can get..

  38. My 30 years old son has Down Syndrome, OCD, Anxiety, Emotional Disorders, violent outbursts, and 2 1/2 years ago was diagnosed with early onset dementia. After assessments, blood work and eliminating other types of dementia, we were left with Alzheimer’s. We have learned that with Down, it isn’t if but when with Alzheimer’s because the gene attaches to the 21st chromosome. We have seen some decline since he was diagnosed, and yet it’s hard to tell how much since the neurologists’ assessments scored him so low using verbal assessments instead of nonverbal, it was hard to know how much he has lost. The understanding of Down among the medical community is difficult enough, and then to add Alzheimer’s has been next to impossible. As his advocate, it is a constant battle to get his needs met!
    I could go on for hours and pages telling about this new life we live, but we are doing our best to enjoy him and all the time we have left with him. However, I would still love to see a vaccine that could help others, even if it could do nothing for him.

  39. My Mother died of this horrific disease!  The day she did not know who I was broke my heart!  I know there’s a test to see if I’m predisposed for this insidious disease!  I’m terrified to take it!  God bless you for doing all you can to try and eradicate this disease!  

  40. my wife has dementia is it possiable could the medicine

  41. my wife has denenia is it possiable she take the new medicine they working on

  42. My husband was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 63.  My age now.  That was seven years ago.  He was always a workaholic and an overachiever.  To be honest, after almost 40 years of marriage, I thought he wasn’t listening to me.  One day, his partner called me at home, during the day.  Hubby was having a difficult time at the office.  We went for tests and got the results in January of 2013.  We moved from the city upon his abrupt retirement in May. What little foresight I had told me that he could not live near his former office in a big city.  Hubby, today, doesn’t know my name.  He is still here at home, but nowadays, he cannot converse, must be fed most of his meals, requires help with pretty much everything at this point.  He never asks about our adult children and doesn’t recognize them when they visit. He will sneak out, literally standing against the wall to make a run for it, so we must keep the doors locked and have tiny little bells on the bedroom door.  Alzheimers is a wicked, evil disease and I pray this vaccination is successful.

  43. My mother age 86 has dementia. Not capable of remembering recent activities but still remembers some of theevent. Difficulty in conversation. People with helping their loved one rely on doctors to help. Tendency is to over medicate them. I was able to reduce the meds to very minimal doses, then increase the dementia meds
    To make a nice balance where she is calm and content. Instead of scared and depressed.
    Activities, social tine with others, and proper diet. Hydration and some kind of excercise.
    She is in Ventura Townhouse in a small studioapt. Has a cat. Activities and dining and easy walks around the property.
    I took 1 year to get her to be happy with
    her new life.

  44. Wish this vaccine was available to the public my husband has alzheimers and it is so difficult watching him getting worse he is on epinutin and donacept. It’s so hard for them.

    • I would love my husband to try this vaccine as he has alzheimers. Would you kindly inform us as soon as this vaccine is available it would be so greatly appreciated.

  45. My precious mom is in the beginning stage of this terrible disease. Her mom passed from it a couple of years ago. This has been terrible to watch.

  46. I am very interested in being part of this study ASAP and as soon it is available!
    Thank you very much for your study and research.

  47. My mom died of Alzheimer’s in December of 2016. The last seven years she did not recognize any of us, she was no longer able to communicate. I have no doubt the personal in home care by my sister and brother in law were what kept her alive so long. Words cannot describe how devastating this disease for the individual and their family. I would love to see a vaccine for this awful disease. God bless you all affected by this disease! 

  48. This would be life changing.  My family would be interested in this for my mom Linda. She has just been diagnosed and it’s progressing fast. She is 63. Please get ahold of me. 

  49. My mother has it. Her sister has it. Their mother had it along eith my grandmother ‘s siblings. So I am very worried and scared for myself. I would love to get the shot for my mom but definitely for me. I am 60 and afraid to retire be ause I don’t want my brain to slow down.

  50. I’ve lost both parents to this disease and now have a brother at the age of 71 in a nursing home. Hope this vaccine becomes available soon, I am interested in learning more and partaking of this vaccine. 

  51. My mother, almost 91, has fairly quickly lost her memory. She doesn’t know my dad died 7 yrs ago. She doesn’t know where she is. And the kicker was when she asked my her name. It’s sincerely sad. I worry about losing my cognitive ability. 

  52. Such a horrific disease! My mother has had Alzheimer’s for 10 years now. I miss her so much, she is in her last stages of the disease. I’m sure it to late for her, as she has forgotten how to eat. Seems like you have to be in the beginning of dementia for the shot to work. I’ll keep praying for that miracle.

  53. My mom and grandmother suffered dementia .
    And my sister has concerns .

  54. My mother had Alzheimer’s. It was very hard to deal with. The Dr. said we needed to find all the humor we could in the things that she would do are we would not be able to handle it. While we tried this and it did help somewhat, I was the youngest of 8 children, with all the others being 12 years are older than me.

  55. My mom died with this horrible disease! They say its hereditary. I sure hope not !

  56. My dad.

  57. My father had it for 9 years…worst thing I ever saw someone go through.this February will be 2 years since he passed.and I’m scared as hell that I’m next..i watched a man who was a great husband, father, brother,uncle and friend slowly forget everything and turn into an empty body over a 9 year period and it was so hard on me when he passed..he taught me so much and did so much for me in life. I wish he was here for this study..i wish everyday that I could spend 1 more day with him..have 1 more day of fun and laughs and I read the comments, I cry..i cry for me and my father and my family and I cry for all of you and I pray everyday that they find a cure..i wouldnt wish this disease on ANYONE!

  58. My husband has  dementia  He is a shell of what he use to be I would love to have him back. I would put him in a study just to see if it works to help out research it would be great to just have part or him back

  59. I have a beautiful, dear friend in The U.S. I have never met her. We have been friends on FB for long. She has recently been diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s. Is there any way she could benefit from this ongoing research? She is a talented painter & sculptor. She is thoroughly so positive & brave about the diagnosis, a quality that we in India are still learning. I admire her strength & zest & hope the world will not lose the presence of people like her far too soon.

  60. My husband is 70.. we have been married for 50 yrs.  He has quite a few  symptoms on the list.
     Neurologist says he does not have Alzheimer’s.  Would like to be in the trial. 

  61. Would love to see if this could help my husband. He just turned 55 and has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. I’m still in denial and have high hopes for him!

  62. My mom has Dementia she developed after being given anesthesia for her first back surgery. Then back surgery #2, Peripheral Popliteal Bypass surgery, heart stent and finally carotid artery stent.  All these surgeries have pushed her so far that she needs 24/7 care to help get dressed, sometimes to feed herself food, bathing, toileting.  She used to do Soduko puzzles then they became difficult so she switched to word search until she could no longer go that.  She no longer reads her paper because she can’t understand it anymore.  She’s went thru major mood swings until she was put in Namzaric 14/10 instead of taking Namenda and Aricept separately which has helped a lot.  Her speech and walk are now being affected.  She forgets where she is and always wants to go home even if she is home.  She’s forgotten who her kids are from time to time but thankfully she still knows us most days.  I miss my mom so much.  I miss my best friend.  Wish this vaccine was available prior to her developing Dementia but I believe it’ll be too late for her.  Keep up with the research!

  63. I lost my mother 4 years ago to Alzheimers. A slow decline over the course of 8 years until the last year when it progressed rapidly. I am constantly aware that it may happen to me and my daughters. I am grateful and hopeful about the research that is being done and the lives that might be changed by this vaccine.

  64. Why is this not available with the Right To Try Law? My wife can’t wait any longer.

  65. My mother had Alzheimer’s for almost 20 yrs. It was so hard to see her losing her memories and things she enjoyed doing. She died a year ago. My father has it also he was forgetting to take his meds and doing things he would never have done. Then he fell and broke his hip. He is in a nursing home and could not understand that he could no longer walk. His birthday is today he is 97. He does not know I am his daughter or remember my name. It just kills me. I think I may have it and it scares the hell out of me. I have told my family that if I have it like my mom I just prefer to have the right to die. I do not want to put my family to go through that. I pray every day that there will be a cure for this horrible disease.

  66. My father is 76 and had been in an Assisted Living Home for 2 years. He is the youngest of 5 and has lost all of his siblings to this horrible disease. He knew he would get it so he planned. He took out long term care insurance and made it clear that we were to put him in a facility when the time came and he picked it out. He did a DNR, POA & planned and paid for his funeral. Some days I’m not sure if he knows who I am and others he calls me by name. He doesn’t remember his grandchildren though. I will be asking for this vaccine as soon as it’s available.

  67. Im an interested in the new developments in alzhimers. vaccination.   My father suffers from this brain disease.   I fear i will suffer on day to.  I want tone part of that study with this vaccine

  68. My father Alzheimer’s, he was diagnosed with it about 2 years ago, we keep it at bay with CBD, it’s not a cure but a makes a huge huge difference with his memory. The hardest part is keeping up with him taking it on a regular bases. I only wish there was someone out there that could tell me the exact amount and best kind to give it to for the disease, I hope the trail period on this new drug is over soon and they start offering this to the public. It is an awful awful disease.  

  69. My husband has dementia and I wish I could get him in this study. It is so hard to watching him get worse

  70. I’m 55 Alzheimers/dementia is in my family history, I would like more information about the trials.

  71. Wud love to know more 

  72. Is there a test or blood work that will confirm Alzheimer’s.?

  73. Mom has alzheimers. I visited her yesterday in the care center. She doesn’t know who I am to her but she still know that she knows me. She can say a few words but cannot make sentences. She no longer wears glasses or has her false teeth. No one else in her family has or have had this but there are times that I question myself.

  74. My Father passed away in 2013 from the late stages of Alzheimer’s. I worry about the possibility of me contracting the same. I’ve been following the advance in studies involving Alzheimer’s. I would be willing to volunteer myself in any study/treatment for the advancement of the efforts.

  75. I would
    Love any new information regarding this subject. My mother suffers from dementia right now and may be a good candidate for future testing. 

  76. Please let me know if the vaccine is available in South Africa…and if where…please

  77. My Dad has Alzheimer’s for over 12 years, eventually making him a vegetable, and then he died. One thing I suggest loved ones do in the early stages of forgetfulness or remembering incorrectly, is to NOT CORRECT the person. Give them what dignity they still might have. One example I use to explain this is when my Dad who was in his early eighties  at the time, said he had played basketball with Larry Bird. Of course, this wasn’t possible due to their age difference among other things. So rather than correcting my Dad and possibly agitating him I said “Yes, Dad, you and Larry Bird both played basketball at the same university.” Which was a true statement. 

  78. My mom has Alzheimer’s. I would love for her to be able to get this. Every day is a new day. I also get nervous I am getting it. I would take it.

  79. My father has dementia, his aunt died of alzheimers – early onset-
    It is extremely hard watching someone that used to constantly be busy, sit, watch tv, sleep, be so confused. We have a strong presence of alzheimers in our family, if there are any more subjects needed for the trial we would be interested participating.
    What stage can you give this vaccine? Does it have to be early in stages?

  80. This is really great news! My family has been plagued by Alzheimer’s and we’ve been eagerly waiting for some good news- like this!! 

  81. When I was a teenager my grandpa had alzheimers. A particular memory:
    One spring evening when I was 14 my father and I had gone to the nursing home that my grandparents lived in. I was always so close to my Grandpa. I loved him dearly. When we walked into their room my Grandpa looked at my dad and said ” you know I have a son that looks just like you. “. He knew he had a son and what he looked like but his mind didn’t make the connection that this was his son. I watched my dad’s heart break but could do nothing because it was the disease not Grandpa.

  82. Lost my mother 15 years ago, was a terrible way to go.  So excited for this development.  Keep up the good work and let’s get this beast crushed!

  83. The woman that I love most in this world has this terrible sickness. I had to leave her in a home cause I couldn’t keep up with her care. She has always lived with me and its killing me that now when she needs me the most, I’m not there. I know I might have the sickness gean cause from my grandmother down to my moms little sister have died cause of it.

  84. Just to correct something I wrote. My moms little sister has alzheimers and she is very well taken care of from her husband. A man who I admire so much. Cause he has been a rock for most of us and taken care of my grandmother with so much love. I thank him for that.

  85. My husband has Alzheimers stage 4.
    How can we get him in the trial testing.
    My sister in law passed last December and suffered for 14 yrs. Her mother died from it aswell. .She has 2 daughters, how can they get this vaccine

  86. Just found my baby brother has dementia he is 49 . I’m devastated by this I know not where to turn any help would be appreciated on information thank you

  87. My mother died from Alzheimer’s at 83 and my father has dementia and currently in a care facility. I worry this could be me later on . I’m currently 63 and I would take this vaccine should it come to work and get approved.

  88. Who can participate in the trial study?.  My Daddy has Alzheimer’s 

  89. This disease is always on my mind. My family included my parents, 7 girls, and 4 boys. Im the 9th child and 6 girl born. My mom had Alzheimer’s and it took her life. I currently have my 3 oldest sisters diagnosed with it in different stages. 

  90. What people don’t realize that this is listed as the 6th leading cause of death in the US, however when you look at the first 5 on the list they “categories”of illnesses vs. one single illness such as Alzheimers.  As the brain becomes diseased over a very slow prolonged duration (average 6 – 10 years) it not only takes away memory and cognitive abilities – it also greatly regresses all bodily functions to include sensory perceptions, mobility, mental state, incontinance, skin, teeth, breathing, immune system, eating, incontinence, seizures, and much much more – so it is NOT JUST A THEIF OF MEMORY.   Advancement in finding a prevention or cure in different types of Cancer and Heart diseases for example is lowering the numbers of deaths for these two categories of disease mostly due to the surmountable amount of funds and research available – where the numbers of diagnoses and death for those with Alzheimers is rising rapidly – only recently are people realizing the need for more research and funds to do so.  It is an illness beyond words to describe – and one that effects  society in such ways unimaginable.  Here are two links that support my comments – so don’t take my word for it.  Alzheimers in and of itself is probably the number one single cause of death if the truth be known – or at at least far higher on the list – yet it is the most socially accepted illness that many associate with just a result of getting older. Which is also a false assumption – for it is now being recognized to impact increasingly number of people in their 50’s as well.  – also see  Until it hits home with you – many don’t know the facts, the devastation on society, and don’t see the importance of finding the cure.  An illness our nation is so ill-equipped to support when it happens….leaving caregivers subject to further impacting illnesses, and loved one living in nursing homes that are not properly managed and often cruel and neglected.  Anyone reading this article really needs to better understand the significance of this illness and potential to find prevention and more importantly cure for Alzheimers, or soon you too will see the cruelty of this disease in a very direct and personal way that no one can imagine.  

  91. If they are accepting patients for this study I’d love to hear about it. My Mom is suffering from ALZ and it is so painful to watch her die before my eyes. I miss being able to call her for advise on everything. It’s robbed my dad of his retirement and happiness.

  92. My husband diagnosed year ago .. self employed electrician and Jack of All trades and wanting to retire this year .. he still is pretty good at most things but it’s sad that after all the years of working for people and doing things for family and build two homes and renovated our present home that this is happening to a man that deserves good retirement years ..I’m so sad.. so please find that this vaccine with be available ASAP… thank you for listening

  93. Diagnosed with mild dementia. Taking 4 months to see the specialist. 

  94. My mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  It is such a horrible disease! I watched my grandmother wither away everyday from the same disease! I would love for my mom to have the opportunity to this vaccine! Are they still opening test groups?  The challenges she and my dad are having to face are increasing day by day.  Please let me know if a test group is possible.

  95. LORD, I pray this vaccine becomes available VERY SOON.

  96. The long goodbye is my greatest fear.  This would truly be a blessing.  How long to you estimate a vaccine will be available?

  97. My mom is suffering from dementia. She just keeps asking me same questions over.n over n over. I just keep answering same question as if it was the 1st. Time.
    But when she came into tv room today she asked me where my farther was. I told her.he had passed away over 5 years ago n she actually said are you serious.

    Im affraid for her well being n just want to get her back on track. With her meds n possible set up home health care n just make her life easy n comfortable. Long road ahead.

  98. Yes my mother diana is 71 years old, and is now experiencing all these symptoms, she was put on drugs to slow down the progression, however the progression is not slowing down, I did take her off her dementia drugs for three days just to monitor her actions and she actually thinks more clearly without the meds,,,
    now I don’t know what to do.

  99. My mom passed away from the disease in 2015.  No my husband has it.  It’s such a painful thing to see.  He is such a sweet husband  no problems with him.  My mom gave me problems I’m blessed my husband is very seeet.   He has a hard time talking studers trying to find the right words. Uses words that aren’t the right words.  I’d like more information of this med that would help him

  100. I have been caring for my 90 year old grandmother for 4 years she has Alzhiemers, her mother had Dementia and I worry is it a genetic issue that I may get too. We have our good days when she is in a good mood and wants to go for a ride or go socialize, or doesn’t give me a hard time about taking a walk which her Doctor wants her to do to keep her legs strong, or she isn’t stalling about taking a shower, and we have our bad days where she refuses to go for a walk and calls us fat, won’t eat what we are having for dinner, flashes me for no reason, gets confused on peoples names… I have her in an adult day care 2 days a week so we each get a little break from each other and also so I can try to make a little money cleaning on the side to help with bills as we have to pay for the daycare program. She used to love to play Bingo but now can’t do it anymore as she can’t keep up. My advice is to try and keep their brain active as much as possible get coloring books, or jigsaw puzzles, do some gardening, take them to lunches at local soup kitchens see what activities are offered at your local COA that they may like,

  101. My husband was Diagnosed with dementia two years ago. We can see it steadily progressing. It would be wonderful if there was a trail that he could participate in. Or if this new drug became available to us

  102. My mom passed for Alzheimer’s disease. It was very sad to watch and I would not wish it on anyone. My mother in law is now in the midst of it. What can we do?

  103. My husband has. Alzheimer’s with Parkinson this is 8 year. He is bed ridden we feed him he can sit up other than that we do everything will this shot help him.

  104. My mother has Alzheimer’s and I fear I will one day. It is so sad to have her but she’s not really here. 

  105. My husband was diagnosed with FTDementia. It’s been 3 years now. He just turned 59 last October. I would welcome any vaccine that shows promise against this terrible disease, including during its test stages.
    We are part of a pilot project on Early Onset Dimentia with the Alzheimers Society that runs until Aprril. Thank God for that support as our life as we know it is changing and it’s scary as a caregiver. I’ve educated myself what to expect but it’s not like you say to your partner “hey honey this is what we have to look forward to.” He is frustrated with his memory and hopes things “don’t get worse”. I learned a new catch phrase at our meeting that explains it well “living grief”. Thank God for blessings like grandchildren, family and friends and most importantly Faith that we don’t walk alone as in poem “Footprints”.

  106. How do you get into the study? My mother had this awful disease and I’m worried to death I I have it as well ….I do not wish this on my worst enemy! 

  107. I lost my mom 2 years ago January 19th. It was a horrible struggle with her she had it full blown.
    I sure wish this was available for her I lost my best friend. I will definatly get this when it’s available.

  108. Is there a way to get someone into the trial studies?

  109. My Daddy suffered from this. Was diagnosed nearly 10 years before his passing. I was his sole care giver until I moved him to an assisted living then to a care center. I hope me, and my brothers can be vaccinated against this. My mother in law is showing signs ,and my husband’s is very forgetful as well.

  110. My wife has been diagnosed  with FTD about 4 years ago and is now 63.  
    I hope and pray a cure comes soon.  She is so active but her mind is not there to remember names, people and items.  Having to move and work remotely to be around family to help take care of her as it takes a lot of friends and family to help out. 
    We have been in a Mayo Clinic study but would love to be part of a new trial drug study.

  111. I need to know more as there are symptoms been brought to my attention. Please explain the steps in going forward. I have had so much anesthetics for different operations. My pain has at time been excruciating and have had to take strong medication which I am sure plays a part in the disease. I am interested in the injection