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Baby New Year Pancakes for Breakfast

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Baby New Year Pancakes for Breakfast

We hope that all of you had a fantastic Christmas! We had some fun this morning creating ideas for a fun New Years Day breakfast! These Baby New Year Pancakes are really easy to make & my boys thought this breakfast was so cute!

Baby New Year Pancakes

Pancake Recipe (we like Pillsbury)
1 Egg (scrambled)
1 Strawberry
1 Yellow Fruit Roll Up
Hershey’s Spreads (chocolate with almond)
2 Chocolate Chips
1 Marshmallow
Whipped Cream Spray

Start out by pouring your pancake mix into a pan over low heat. Make 2 medium sized pancakes. Place them on a plate. Make another small pancake & then cut out the arms, legs, ears, & nose using kitchen scissors. Cut a mini marshmallow in half for the eyes. Scramble up 1 egg to make the hair. We added a little bit of the Hershey’s Chocolate Spread in a small amount of pancake mix to make the hat. Cut around the edges to shape the hat using kitchen scissors. We cut a strip from a yellow fruit roll up for the sash. Add the Hershey’s spread to a small baggie & snip off the corner. Write new year on the fruit roll also attach the chocolate chips for pupils using the spread. We made a mouth from a slice of strawberry & used whipped cream spray to make the diaper.

You can view all of our other fun food New Years creations HERE!

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Such a cute pancake for New Year's. I hope you and all of your boys, even the big one, have a wonderful New Year.

Breakfast must be fun at your house every morning! Very cute 🙂 Happy New Year!


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