Christmas Party Fun Food Ideas!

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We made 45 of these Snowman Sleigh Treats for a 2nd and 4th grade class…These were a HUGE hit with the kids!

We have had very little time to post our fun food ideas this week, but wanted to share some fun creations we made for my 10 year old’s 4th grade Christmas party at school. This is the first year I am the room mom. I usually just make the food & now have a huge appreciation for all that the room moms have to do.  There is a lot to keep up with! I work a day time job as well as running our blog, so it’s hard to find any extra time.  I think however we pulled off a successful party and the kids loved it!

Ingredients For Snowman Sleigh Treats

How to Make Snowman Sleigh Treats

  • Start out by laying the pretzel sticks & broken off twists onto wax paper.
  • Attach the ends with the white icing.  Then add on the pearl candies on top of the twists…let that dry.
  • To make the noses you will use the orange Tootsie Roll.  Pop it in the microwave for 8 seconds then cut it into 8 pieces using kitchen scissors. Shape the pieces into noses.  Attach with the icing onto a marshmallow. Make the details using a black edible marker.
  • Press in pretzel sticks in the sides for arms.  We also shaped the bottoms of the hats using chocolate Tootsie Rolls the same way.  
  • Attach the Rolo on top with icing.  
  • Place the Rice Krispies Treats onto the edge of your counter covered in wax paper.  Lay the prepared pretzels onto the top using frosting.  Let them dry.  
  • Flip it over. Now add toothpicks to all the tops of the treats. Press on your marshmallow snowmen up to the hats.  

We were inspired by Snowmen Treats that we spotted from Laura’s Bakery. She using candy canes which is cute, but I thought that would be way too much sugar for the kids. The pretzels are very easy to make & cuts off some of the sugar. I am sure teachers will appreciate this if you are making for class parties at school!:)

Here is a side view…

Christmas Party Fun Food…

We also made Snowman Cheese Sticks

And a Grape Fruit Tree

Christmas fruit tree made with grapes!

Santa Strawberry Hats

We dipped them in white Candiquik & then rolled them in white sprinkles….

We made Snowman Ranch Dip with Carrot Noses (the face is olives)….

Snowman Dip with Carrot Noses

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