You Have to Stay In This Barbie Themed Hotel Suite!

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Calling all Barbie fans! Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe invites you to stay with them and enjoy a Barbie-themed glamping getaway you’ll never forget.

Barbie Hilton Hotel

Do you remember waking up Christmas morning to a Barbie Dreamhouse? I think every little girl who had one wished they could shrink down and live there. Something about that bumpy elevator ride from floor to floor sure made it seem like a mansion.

The Barbie clothes, furniture and even the cars she owned were all so perfect. I have to admit though I wasn’t a big fan of Ken’s. He was just a little too perfect for my tastes. I didn’t trust him.

Barbie Hotel in Mexico

Welcome to Glamping With Barbie!

It’s Barbie’s 60th anniversary so Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe “has partnered with Mattel to transform one of the hotel’s guest rooms into the ultimate Barbie glamping experience for families and lifelong fans. Guests get to experience life like Barbie from check-in to check-out.” – Hilton Newsroom

Barbie Glamping – what to expect

When you walk in the hotel expect to see Barbie’s big pink shoe. It’s definitely photo number one for your scrapbook. Walk the pretty pink carpet to check-in and head to your suite.

The front door of the Barbie-themed room lets you know in whose suite you’ll be sleeping. Her iconic name is written across the door and is on the pink welcome mat below.

If there are kids with you, and gosh I hope there are, expect absolute shrieks of joy.

Center stage is a truly adorable, life-size Barbie Dream Camper where kiddos can sleep. (Although they will have to make room for YOU because it looks COOL!)

The room is all decked out from top to bottom to feel as though you’re actually living inside Barbie’s world. Dream come true!

Ready to leave your room to enjoy the beautiful weather in Mexico City? You’re in luck because you’ll get to hang out in the Barbie-approved cabana by the pool. (So much pink!)

Madera, the hotel’s restaurant, offers up some yummy themed foods, drinks, and snacks. Try a strawberry milkshake or heart-shaped pizza to start.

Book your pink room and get to Mexico!

From the Hilton website: “Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe hotel is located at Avenida Antonio Dovali Jaime No. 70. The Barbie® Room experience will start at $189 per night on weekdays and $229 per night on weekends. For more information and reservations, call 55-5985-9000 or visit Follow Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe on Instagram and Facebook.”

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