How To Make Beautiful Paper Snowflakes

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We gathered up the best tutorials for you that show you how to make beautiful paper snowflakes. This is such a fun activity to create on a snowy day and the kids always love making these.

How to Make Beautiful Snowflakes

How To Make Paper Snowflakes

All you need is some scissors and a square piece of paper to make these amazing snowflakes. Of course, you’ll need a paper snowflake pattern for some of these complicated snowflakes. So fun to hang around the house for the Holidays or even hang on the Christmas tree.

We always use printer paper, but lightweight paper will work as well including parchment paper, tissue paper, etc… It’s as simple as folding a square sheet of paper into a triangle, then folding into smaller triangles. You can trace unique patterns using a pencil and cut out strips to make your own design. If your kids are making these, you’ll want to have them use children’s scissors to make it easier for them.

If you love making these easy paper snowflakes, you might also love to make them out of food! These Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies are a fun recipe to make in the Winter as well.

9 Amazing Snowflake Patterns from Decor 4 All

These designs are incredible! Probably a bit more advanced for adults and not for younger kids. This comes with a step-by-step tutorial.

Paper Snowflakes

Snowflake Templates from It’s Always Autumn

These simple designs are perfect for kids to make and look so pretty!

How to Make Beautiful Snowflakes

How To Make 3D Paper Snowflakes from A Piece of Rainbow

These are beautiful and look so much fun to make. The 3D look makes these extra special.

Paper Snowflakes made out of paper bags

Other Christmas Craft Ideas

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