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BEST Cleaning Hacks

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We gathered up the BEST Cleaning Hacks that you’ll ever need to know.

The BEST Cleaning Hacks

These ideas are seriously the best cleaning hacks that will make your life so much easier and uses products that you most likely already havev on hand.

Check it out….

Get spotless Floors with this mixture of vinegar, soap, baking soda, and water..

The BEST Cleaning Hacks

The best way to get rid of ANTS…

Best Cleaning Hacks - How to get rid of Ants

Make your own Natural Cleaners

The BEST Cleaning Hacks - Natural Cleaners

If you have little ones in the house, it’s a good idea to routinely clean and sanitize their toys, particularly during cold and flu season….from Eat Craft Parent

The BEST Cleaning to clean toys

Use your old toothbrush (washed) to clean your computer keyboard…

Never Scrub your Bathtub again!

The BEST Cleaning Hacks - Never scrub your bathroom again!

How to remove Pee Stains from a Mattress from What’s up Fagans

Best Cleaning Hacks - How to remove Pee Stains from a Mattress

Keep your Sandbox bug free Naturally from Two Chums…

The BEST Cleaning Hacks - Natural Bug Repellent

Use Baking Soda to remove stuck on grease from pans…

The BEST Cleaning Hacks - How to easily clean pans

Machine Washable Swiffer Socks from An English Accent

The BEST Cleaning Hacks - Machine Washable Swiffer Socks

How to clean Window Tracks from Ask Anna

The BEST Cleaning Hacks - How to clean Window Tracks

Remove Crayon from Walls with a Hairdryer from   What’s up Fagans

The BEST Cleaning Hacks - How to remove Crayon with a Hairdryer

Sprinkle with Baking Soda, spray with Vinegar and let sit for 15 minutes before wiping clean…

The BEST Cleaning to clean your oven with Baking Soda

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  1. Cleaning Hacks are always handy!

  2. Here’s one how do you get rid of cigarette smoke from walls without to much fumes that stink I have pets and do live here .

    • When I was married, my husband smoked like a chimney and made the walls yellow. I always used Scrubbing Bubbles to remove the stain. It worked great for me. Also works great outside the house if you happen to have some green mold that starts to grow on the siding in wet areas.

    • I just used plain warm water with a little bit of pine scent cleaner. Used a clean cloth (gloves if you need to) with a up/down motion START FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE WALLS and work your way up. If you start on top, as the water runs down, it will streak the dirty area and it is a bit more difficult to clean the lower part of the wall. Hope this helps.

    • Hot water and Dawn dish soap. Wipe with rag. Then to freshen the walls paint over. I had to do it before.

    • Dawn dish soap water. I have also used ammonia but that stinks. Use a sponge mop pulling down from top of wall, let sit for a bit then wipe with clean water. I use 2 different buckets and change your rinsing bucket often. Also, wiping with paper towels removes the brown water from walls.

  3. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. This is so helpful for a mom who is always up doing something

  5. Does the floor cleaner work on laminate flooring.

  6. I greatly appreciate these hints. More than ever because they don’t contain chemicals . As we get older the uses of chemicals becomes harde . These were wonderful hints.

  7. How bout cat urine in carpet?

    • 1 cup hydrogen peroxide
      1 tbsp baking soda
      1/2 tsp. dawn dish soap

      mix in a squirt bottle. Apply to carpet. Let dry naturally.

  8. Hi can I use the cleaning tip on floors also on wooden floors

  9. What will remove that awful green mold from your house without scrubbing?

  10. Don’t you hate fruit files and drain flies?? Get a glass jar, put apple cider vinegar, sugar and a few drops of dish soap… Mix well, add water if desired. Put near fruit or where you see the pesky flies and viola, they are attracted to the smell of the vinegar and sugar, fly into the concoction and die instantly. I just bought bandana and made the concoction and in a matter of a few hours I have caught 9 of them. Do not put the lid on, or plastic wrap as some recipes say to with holes in it, I tried that and didn’t catch a single one, I took off the plastic and within minutes I had caught a dozen…

  11. I Truly Love This site “EVERYTHING” works to a T….. My All Time Favorite Is The Keep Ants AWAY…. Love Ya

  12. Regina. I always used liquid spic and span and it works.

  13. How canare I get stains from counter tops?

  14. To remove stains from hard surfaces.
    Blue Dawn baking soda white vinegar
    In a sealable plastic containee.make a paste of baking soda and Blue Bawn.apply with a sponge to area to be cleaned a good ammount,then spray with vinegar which will start a chemical reaction.let sit 5 10 minutes and scrub with a stuff brush..rinse clean and finish with a spray of straight vinegar wipe till clean..this also can be used with blue dawn and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate mold.

  15. How can you remove mold from a fabic???

  16. Can I get the KITCHEN HACKS article sent to my email?

  17. Great household ideas!!!!

  18. I am pleased with the cleaning hacks, but I’m very disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t print a single one. I’m elderly (80 years) and can’t write everything out anymore. I was hoping to print this great information.

  19. Thank you

  20. I find vinegar to be the best cleaner for my floors and cabinets.

  21. For you that like to paint, I found a wonderful cleaner for lifting old paint and stain. My solid oak cabinets really needed redoing from scratches and water marks. The dollar store sells “awesome” buy the quart. I mixed equal parts with water and put it in a spray bottle then sprayed it on the wood. I let it sit just a few minutes. I used an old rag and wiped it off. I was amazed. The paint and stain wiped off smoothly and even although due(16 yrs) some remained in the wood. That was okay as I was restraining it the same color. They look beautiful and professional. Not only that, cleanup is simple soap and water. I used dawn soap. No more dust from sanding and it took much less time to do the job and clean up. Cleanup on brushes I placed in awesome and warm water. Even brushes and rollers that had become dry and throwaway became clean and worked perfect and mellow all the way to the metal that held the brush hairs together. There is very little odor either.
    This works on oil, craft paint and any paint you use to paint in your home.