Couple Converted School Bus to Tiny Home

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Everyone wants to travel the world and see almost any country out there. However, they also want to own their own home. Why not do both at the same time? This couple converted an old school bus into a home for them!

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School Bus into Home

First, they found this old school bus that they eventually bought. Then, they remodeled it into a beautiful home!

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They said that the hardest part was taking out the seats and gutting the floor. From there they added all new flooring, new windows, panels, and all kinds of insulation.

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One of the best things they did was put solar panels on the top of the bus. That way they ended up saving a ton of money, and energy as well! Their mobile home is energy efficient, but also they have to have electricity as well.

Another challenge they faced was having the bus able to travel long distances effectively. It ended up taking one year and a half to complete.

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Their progress is simply amazing to see! They had to think effectively and make use of all the tiny spaces to make this bus into a beautifully efficient home for them to live in.

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They have everything from a laundry machine and dryer, shower, and a toilet in their bus! Everything looks luxurious and absolutely stunning, no one would ever guess it was in a bus.

Check out their incredible kitchen! No one would ever imagine that on a bus, would they?

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From their home decor to literally every aspect of this bus is a dream house come true. They even have a real front door on their bus.

They are able to enjoy every aspect of having a real home all the while fulfilling their real dream of traveling the world.

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This couple converted an old school bus into their dream home so they could travel the world. Just imagine what you could do if you worked hard and fulfilled all your dreams!

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