Christmas Food Ideas for Toddlers & Kids!

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Christmas Dinner Ideas for Toddlers & Kids!

We made a couple of fun Christmas Dinners and wanted to share them with you!

The first one is this Reindeer, Snowman, and Christmas Tree dinner. It’s so easy! The reindeer is a burger with large pretzels for the antlers, tomato for the nose, and edible eyes. The tree is string green beans, tomato for the garland, and a yellow pepper for the star (you could use pineapple). The snowman is mashed potatoes, a carrot for the nose, and raisins for the mouth and eyes. My boys loved this and it’s so simple to make!

Christmas Dinner Ideas for Toddlers & Kids!

This is our Christmas Tree Quesadilla! We just used 2 spinach tortillas, cheese, and peppers for the ornaments and star. We cut the tortillas with kitchen scissors to make the tree. Sprinkle with cheese and fry it up or melt in the microwave. The trunk is black beans. You could use fruit to decorate as well!

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