Here’s Why Kids Are Crazy Lucky to Have Cousins

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If your kids have cousins, (or if you do, for that matter), they are so lucky. Having a cousin in their lives helps them in so many ways that can benefit them for the rest of their life.

Here's Why Kids Are Crazy Lucky to Have Cousins

Cousins are so familiar, but it’s so much more than simply knowing them since we were born. It’s seeing ourselves and our parents and grandparents in their faces.

They might have our noses or our smiles. They might be goofy in the same way we are or have the same offbeat sense of humor. Cousins sometimes have the same kinds of talents and interests and hobbies, which makes everything even better!

Here’s Why Kids Are Crazy Lucky to Have Cousins

1. Kids can learn from their cousins. I’m kind of giggling to myself as I write this because I can promise you that while most of that learning is totally awesome, not all of it will be good. Cousins share all sorts of things, even those that adults might not love.

I remember my cousin trying to teach me to run and jump to grab a rope swing across the water. Let’s just say it wasn’t the smartest decision I’d ever made, but all these years later I’m sure glad I have that memory.

2. Knowing about a cousin’s health is really important. Because of the familial relationship, some illnesses are genetic and could be shared. It’s always smart to know about any health issues they have.

3. The memories! Oh gosh, I remember hanging out with my cousins growing up. We had inside jokes and secrets and fights and it has all stuck with me throughout my life. I love that it’s a part of my history.

4. When things get tough, your tough cousins show up. A large family surrounds each other when there is illness or sadness or trouble. It’s a blessing to be able to count on them. When you’re sad, you can put your head on their shoulder and cry it out if you need to.

5. No one knows your family better than your cousin. They know all the attitudes, personalities and conflicts so they can be a real support in a family clash. Complaining about your parents to them is safe and it helps blow off some steam.

6. Family reunions are way more fun. We all have that one weird uncle or an aunt who wears too much perfume and always wants to kiss you. Cousins can secretly laugh about it, and come up with silly ways to steer clear of those relatives.

No brothers and sisters? No problem!

7. Cousins are like brothers and sisters without actually having brothers and sisters. Kids without siblings are the luckiest ever if they have a cousin.

8. Hand-me-downs might actually be cool. An older cousin that your kids adore can hand down clothes they will be super excited to wear. I used to get clothes from my cousin and I would get so stinking excited! I always wanted to be just like her.

9. Cousin secrets are the best. Cousins put their most sacred secrets in a lock box they hide away in their hearts. It’s nice to have someone who’ll love and support you no matter what.

Am I right? Or have you had a different experience?

Do they leave nearby? It’s great if they’re close in age with your kids. What kinds of things do you do to foster those great relationships between your kiddos and their cousins?

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