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Studies Confirm: Grandparents Who Babysit Live Longer

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Scientists have now completed a study that confirms grandparents who babysit live longer than those who don’t. That’s happy news for grandparents everywhere, not to mention parents who need a break!

Studies confirm - Grandparents that babysit live longer

In fact, the study showed grandparents who were babysitters in some form or fashion were found to have a whopping 37% lower mortality risk than adults of the same age who have no “caring responsibilities.” (Source: NHS)

That’s mindblowing! Call your Mom right now and ask her to babysit!

Why Grandparents Who Babysit Live Longer

Science can’t yet explain with 100% accuracy why the dramatic lower mortality risk occurs when grandparents spend more time with their grandkids. They know it does, but they are having to guess at the “why.”

They do have a pretty good idea, though.

They believe time spent with grandchildren creates a sense of purpose and also helps keep grandparents physically and mentally active.

Anyone who has ever been around a kiddo for more than a few minutes will totally get that.

No matter their age, grandkids are a bundle of life and movement and joy. It’s not surprising that being around that kind of life energy is absolutely healing and healthy.

Encourage Your Parents to Spend More Time With Your Kids

For a number of reasons, I think it’s not unusual for some grandparents to spend less time with their grandkids than they really want to.

Think about it from their perspective. It can be a challenge for grandparents to figure out where they fit.

Babies cry and want their moms. It’s been a minute since grandparents had babies of their own. They don’t necessarily have the same kind of patience it takes to care for a baby. There’s a reason why nature put a limit on our ability to make babies as we age!

Toddlers destroy everything in sight and have boundless energy. Your parents or inlaws may feel like they don’t have what it takes to keep up. Additionally, their houses probably aren’t toddler-proof and they might like things “just so.”

Elementary-aged children are busy exploring what it means to have their own little world of friends. Grandparents can see themselves as no longer interesting to their grandkids. Maybe they’re worried that kids won’t be excited to spend time with them because they don’t play with them the way their friends do.

Your job as a parent is to help grandparents see that their contribution to your children’s lives is invaluable.

It doesn’t matter what particular skill or ability they bring to the table, grandparents are an incredibly important part of the team it takes to raise happy, healthy adults.

Remind them that being loved and cared for by a grandparent is different than any other love your kids will ever get.

Most of us have the sweetest memories of growing up with a Grandma who thought we hung the moon or a Grandpa who taught us to whistle.

Those memories last a lifetime.

In closing, you should call the grandparents and give them a nudge if they need one. If they’re already actively involved in the lives of your kids, call them and let them know they’re probably going to live longer! It’ll make them smile, right?

PS: if the grandparents need something fun to do, tell them to get in the kitchen with the grandkids and make some Pokemon Twinkie Treats or create an awesome DIY bubble refill station in the backyard. They’ll love it!

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Great idea that parents are engaged and play that role of supporting parents. Many parents undertake this tasks because I guess it kedps them engaged and energised. The vezurt of playful enjoyment with grand children.

Who is the woman holding the baby?

That is so good to hear.  Papa and I have been babysitting for our grandkids since they were born, the oldest is now 24 and getting married in July.  The youngest is almost 6 and has autism, but he is the sweetest little boy you could ask for! We have 9 all together.   We are 74 now and can’t babysit as much as we use to and it makes us feel bad, but we do what we can.  We do still take them to school, drs. appointments, etc when we are needed.  I am so glad that we will live longer hopefully, we want to see them all get married and have families of there own.

That’s awesome. We help sit as well, on top of full time jobs. I am fortunate my office job allows my daughter to drop off our grandson toward the end of my day to take over while my daughter goes to work. I am 52 and he is just over 7 months. We have him for a few hours 3 to 4 times a week, and while it is challenging and sometimes exhausting, the bond we are forming is rewarding. Very tired but extremely blessed.

My granddaughter Henley Blaire (chick) gives me purpose in life! She is always my happy thoughts and my best friend! Mimi love you chick ALWAYS!!♥️♥️♥️

OMGosh…. I guess I’m never gonna die. We are fortunate that all our children and grandchildren live close by. So we can spend time with them around the holidays, cookouts and birthday parties. At the moment my daughter and youngest grandson live with us. Malakie is nonstop. All boy, getting into everything. He loves her makeup and nail polish. I myself, watch some of my friend’s children. It definitely keeps me very busy. I enjoy it very much. Yes any and all extra energy I get from the kids. I’m gonna be here forever. HaHaHa

We love our grandchildren so much.  We took care of each one from birth.
Now our kids don’t need us very often and we are lost without them!

We Love spending time with our grand kids,they each have their own beliefs,stories,friends,and their choices of what they want to be when they grow up.Our lives are much fuller and Blessed with our Grand kids around us.God Bless our grand kids

May God grant us long lives.
Another accomplishments assisting children raise their kids in any way. Conversations and sharing ideas and joy really adds life. Pls include in your studies how grandparents feel being appreciated and welcomed. The calls of the children should not to make grandparents as a househelper and a full time baby sitter, grandparents should be just an aid and part of the family. Respect and love should always be felt by the grandparents. Their energy should never be over estimated.

I agree with the result of the study.

My grandchildren have brought me neverending joy

I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend with my 2 yrs old granddaughter, I take her to swimming lessons and we have a bond that’s special to us. We have lots of fun & I try to teach her to be polite and good when she is with me. I know it helps greatly her parents who both work full time and long hours.
I share child care with her Nanna and feel we both give her different things unique to us helping her grow, explore and learn lots. She gets her own age group friends from the 2 days nursery she has. This is very expensive and should be supplied free to parents who work.   

The older man in the photo on the right is the spitting image of my Uncle Len. Any chance you know if it might be?  

I would love to help out to visit babies i f anyone needs help. Just email me thanx I n the New Hampshire area


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