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Creepy Clowns Deliver Donuts (and it’s awesome)

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In 2018 Hurts Donuts decided to try something new for Halloween. They decided that what everyone wants is to have some Creepy Clowns deliver donuts!

If your own little clowns would enjoy a fun lunch, try this silly clown meal. Maybe you’d like to try the easiest donut recipe in the whole world? Both good, both quick and your kids will think you’re a pretty cool parent!

Creepy Clowns Deliver Donuts

Hurts Donuts is a brand that has 20 locations across the United States. They describe themselves as the “rebel of all donuts! Each unique flavor, a love letter to our customers. Our donuts break all the rules with their uniform-free toppings and amped up flavors!”

I’ll say this about Hurts Donuts. They might have the best sense of humor of any donut shop I’ve ever seen. You have to see the hysterical pics showing off their mouthwatering donuts.

They are super unique and fun. The White & Nerdy donut on the site might have actually made me laugh out loud. When is the last time a brand’s website made you laugh right out loud?

Spooky Halloween Donut Delivery

In 2018 Hurts made the unusual decision to have a bunch of red-headed, big-shoed creepazoid clowns to deliver donuts.

If you lived in a city then where they have a shop you could have ordered a box of donuts delivered to your favorite person who just so happens to suffer from coulrophobia.

Coulrophobia is a persistent fear of clowns. Maybe it has something to do with that painted on smile or frown. Maybe it has something to do with seeing a clown as a child and being afraid.

Then again, it might be a result of scary movies with clowns like Steven King’s It. Sorry, Pennywise. I don’t want you at my front door… unless you have a box of delicious donuts in your possession. And even then I’m not so sure.

Will Hurts Donuts do the same thing this year?

They haven’t said yet, but if I were you I’d keep an eye on their site.

Not sure if your city has a Hurts Donuts? Here’s a list of their locations.

Want to see what it’s like to have a genuinely creepy clown show up to bring you donuts? Yeah, you do!

Why not get your own creepy clowns to deliver some of your homemade treats?

This is actually a fun idea anyone could do on their own. You could also do it for any holiday or occasion.

Have someone dress up Mickey Mouse to deliver these homemade Minnie & Mickey donuts.

Maybe get someone to dress like a spring fairy to deliver these Lemon Blueberry Donuts.

So many fun recipes, so little time!

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Will you be delivering donuts with a creepy clown this year in Tulsa Oklahoma?