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These DIY Sunflower Skulls Are A Scream

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If you love unique Halloween decorations, you are going love these DIY Sunflower Skulls. These bone chilling sunflowers having skulls bursting from the centers.

Sunflower Skulls

Sunflower Skulls

Made by Oregon artist and brewery owner Beejay Oslon, these scary flowers are made using inexpensive plastic skulls, artificial sunflowers and some fake moss material.

Being an artist, Beejay started making his own decorations by sanding, priming and painting the skulls to be a part of a much larger skeleton garden. While the skeleton flowers here cost about $100, you can easily make this project at a smaller level for a creative look this Halloween.

Beejay says if you want to make these flowers yourself, “Collect a variety of sizes of skulls and flowers and see which will fit well together,” he said. “Take your time with the prep work . . . I actually had to learn how to make a mold and cast the plastic for those skulls, which took a bunch of research and way more time than I had intended to spend on this, but in the end I’m glad I didn’t rush it.

Once you see how amazing these sunflowers are, you are going to want to make them yourself.

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